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Rishi Sunak of Indian origin in the race for the next PM of Britain, know who is this Indian

British PM Election: The next Prime Minister of Britain will be announced on Monday. Members of the Conservative Party cast their vote by Friday evening to choose their new leader. Indian-origin Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are in the race for the next prime minister of Britain. The Conservative Party’s campaign headquarters said the winner of the prime ministerial race would be announced Monday at 12.30 pm local time. If Sunak becomes the Prime Minister of Britain, then it will be the first time in the history of Britain that an Indian-origin citizen will hold the highest office there.

truce And Rishi Sunak studied from Oxford University
The second contender in this race is 42-year-old Indian-origin Rishi Sunak. They are originally from Punjab. His parents immigrated to Britain in 1960. His father Yashveer Sunak was a doctor and mother Usha was a pharmacist. Sunak’s early education was from Winchester, one of the most expensive schools in Britain. Like Truss, Sunak also studied philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford University. After completing his studies, he also worked as an accountant for some time. Rishi Sunak often mentions maternal grandparents and grandparents in his speeches.

used to help in mother’s work
Rishi Sunak was born on 12 May 1980 at Southampton General Hospital. This was the first child of Yashveer and Usha Sunak. After this a brother and sister were also born to him. As a child, whenever Rishi got time after studies, he often went to his pharmacy to help his mother. Many times he used to go after school to deliver to the customer and see the accounts of the shop. Apart from this, he often used to go to the temple with his family.

Opportunity to study at Oxford University
Rishi was of a calm nature since childhood. No one ever thought that he would ever go into politics. A big opportunity for Rishi Sunak came when he got an opportunity to go to Oxford University, one of the most famous UK universities and one of the world’s top universities, for graduation in 1998. While studying in Oxford, Rishi did an internship in the Conservative Party of Britain. It was from here that little of his political inclination was known. In 2020, Sunak became the Finance Minister in Boris Johnson’s government. Then his work was highly appreciated.

Married to Narayana Murthy’s daughter
While studying at Stanford University of America, he met Akshata Murthy. Akshata Murthy is the daughter of NR Narayana Murthy, India’s famous businessman and chairman of Infosys Company. In the year 2009, Rishi Sunak married Akshata Murthy in Bangalore. She is a fashion designer by profession. He has two daughters.

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