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How much is the iPhone 14? The price of 13 will be greatly reduced!

The field is getting ready for the release of the latest version of iPhone. There have been rumors about the iPhone 14 for years. What kind of features Apple will impress users with this time is being discussed. iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for the latest version. Sometimes there is excitement in them. Efforts for advance bookings and huge queue lines may be unavoidable.

14 is being released after the super hit of iPhone 13 models. iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max models have hooked the users. Camera clarity, digital SIM options.. have made these models super successful. Currently, their prices range from 70,000 to 40,000. With the arrival of the iPhone 13 model, 128 GB was released at the level of 74 thousand rupees.

But I think that 14 will be released at a slightly lower price. I think the price of 128 GB iPhone 14 can start from 60 thousand rupees! It is a little surprising that the price of the new model is at this level. Tech magazines are saying that this time it will be reduced to this extent. Analysis also suggests that the prices of the Pro and Pro Max in relation to the 14 may be lower than the 13 Pro and Pro Max.

And if the same happens, there is a possibility that the prices of iPhone 13 will also come down heavily. Until now, many people have predicted that the iPhone 13 will come at the same price as the iPhone 11. It is said that when 14 is released, the price of 13 model will be reduced to the level of 11 model. If the price of iPhone 14 starts at 60 thousand, it will not be a big surprise if the price of 13 falls to 40 thousand!

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