You are anti-Hindu, the netizen’s fire on Rashmi, the anchor gave a dizzying counter

You are anti-Hindu, the netizen’s fire on Rashmi, the anchor gave a dizzying counter
You are anti-Hindu, the netizen’s fire on Rashmi, the anchor gave a dizzying counter

First Published Sep 4, 2022, 12:40 PM IST

Mast Jabarthast anchor Rashmi Gautam is always a news item in some controversies. Recently, when a netizen targeted Rashmi and trolled her.. Beauty countered him by making him lose his temper and get a mind block.

As an anchor of Jabardast and Eksatra Jabardast, there is no one who does not know Rashmi’s name in Telugu states. This comedy show brought her a lot of fame. But Rashmi impressed by acting in movies as well as this bully screen programs. Not only that, Ruch is discussing with the beautiful beauty on social media.

Now Anasuya has said good to Jabardast.. Rashmi will continue as anchor for both Jabardast programs. While doing this, she also got chances in movies. Rashmi Gautam impressed by acting in bold films like Guntur Talkies.

Rashmi Gautam

Being fully active on social media, she is always close to her fans. No matter who does any kind of trolling. Recently, the netizen who criticized Rashmi as anti-Hindu shut up.

Rashmi Gautam is an animal lover. If anyone tortures animals.. she immediately reacts.. She has reacted on many issues through social media. Especially.. Rashmi cooked and fed the dogs during Lock Dine. Apart from that, people who torture animals are under fire on social media.

Rashmi recently responded to an incident that happened in Gujarat. The statue of Obhari Vinayaka was garlanded with an elephant. Rashmi, who immediately shared this video, expressed her dismay saying how much trouble the elephant was in while putting flowers like this. A netizen saw this post and gave a reply to Rashmi. I know you’re not an animal lover. He commented that you are anti-Hindu.

Infuriated by that comment, Rashmi gave a strong counter to it. She says she worships Nandi and Gomata. That is why she said that she does not use leather goods. Apart from that, she also said that she does not eat milk products. She countered that she would not use such things either.

Currently, this answer given by Rashmi is going viral. Some people are supporting her.. but they are not replying.. and some people are giving negative comments.

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