Even after passing school… big discoveries

Published : 03 Sep 2022 23:21 IST

It is said that a child’s mind is like a fertile soil. Be it social consciousness, environmental interest, desire for innovation… any such small seed will grow there. It makes them geniuses and works wonders. These three students, who haven’t even gone to college yet, have done wonders…

Solar iron wagons!

This girl’s name is Vinisha Udayshankar. Like everyone else, Vinisha, who heard a lesson on environmental protection in the sixth grade, started looking at her surroundings anew with that awareness. She noticed that they were ironing with charcoal near their house. ‘Lighting a fire with kerosene, blowing embers without extinguishing them, leaving the remaining coals as ashes, cutting tree branches for those coals… all this is harmful to the environment!’ Vinisha asked those women. ‘Tell me what else to do, papa!’ They asked all the questions. If he put that question in front of his teachers, they would say, ‘They can find a solution with solar..!’ He said. Vinisha, who did various experiments with the help of teachers for a year, made iron carts that work with solar electricity. It is designed with a special battery that can be recharged when the sun is shining… even at night. It was that discovery that brought national and international recognition to this child from Tiruvannamalai region of Tamil Nadu. The National Innovation Forum (NIF) has not only awarded it the Dr. Abdul Kalam ‘Ignited Mind’ award but also granted the patent rights. After that, Vinisha received the Children’s Climate Prize from Sweden. Last year, she gave a speech at the UN Climate Change Conference and received praise. Vinisha got the honor of carrying the Queen’s Baton for the recently concluded Commonwealth Games. While studying plus one in a local school… established a startup called Iron Max to manufacture solar irons and is acting as its Chief Innovative Officer (CIO)!

Smells a gas leak…

Ambedkar Nagar… is one of the largest slums in Delhi. There were frequent fires here. Most of them are caused by gas leakage. Sixteen year old Aman Kumar also belongs to that area. Once Aman was flipping through a science magazine in the library of the government school where he was studying Plus One… he read the function of a device that detects and warns of gas leakage. With the help of YouTube, he made a prototype within four days. Aman’s specialty is that it can be offered at a cost of seven hundred rupees if such devices are available in the market for around seven thousand rupees. With that, Aman started a startup called ‘Safe Kitchen’. Like ‘SharkTank India’, Aman’s team participated in a live TV program organized by the Delhi government for school children to reveal their business ideas. His invention received an investment of Rs. Aman started manufacturing and selling products with that investment.

An app for ‘Intern’!

Once upon a time, it was thought that only those pursuing a professional course needed an internship. Not like now… Tenth class students want to have an internship in some field. Startups, NGOs, Ashrams… Some schools want to go somewhere and observe their performance for a few days. And who will give internship to those girls while watching… unless they think that they will get tired of asking too many questions! Shloka Ashok Kumar faced the same problem less than two years ago. No matter how much the girl tried for an internship, she couldn’t find it… Finally, with the recommendation of her father, she was able to get a place. But Shloka created an app called ‘InternMe’ so that this problem does not come to the rest of the students. Talked to startups and NGOs interested in encouraging students and put their details in the app. It is said that any students who download it can easily do internship with those companies! It got a good response as this free app service was extended across the country. This new idea has recently received the prestigious Diana Award in England… Shloka is studying plus two in a school in Bangalore! Curtain… can be rolled without being seen!

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