The jawan was standing on the doorstep of death, only then the policemen did such a miracle, it was completely cured.


First Published Sep 4, 2022, 2:25 PM IST

Jodhpur. There is a saying that those who try never give up. Once again this proverb proved to be true, to save the life of a head constable in Jodhpur, his companions put their lives on the line. The policemen kept on making constant efforts to save their companion and finally his life was saved. This whole incident happened with Jodhpur’s Head Constable Dinesh Kumar.

20 lakhs for joining social media
Actually, Dinesh Kumar Meena, a resident of Jodhpur, is in the post of Head Constable in Rajasthan Police. A few months ago, during the drill, I suddenly experienced chest pain. On examination, it was found that there is a heart problem. Dinesh’s family got worried, they started medicines after consulting doctors. Gradually this problem is increasing, the doctors said – now heart transplant is the only solution. For this, an expenditure of about 30 to 35 lakh rupees was reported in a private hospital.

When Dinesh’s friends came to know about this, they started a campaign to save Dinesh on social media and gave an account number in which money was deposited to help Dinesh. It was found that in a few days hundreds of people deposited about 20 lakh rupees in this account. But even then more money was needed. Dinesh’s family members and his companions were arranging money when a miracle happened during this time.

Fauji donated kidney
Suddenly Richpal Singh, a resident of Sikar district, died in a road accident. The doctors declared him brain dead. His family donated his heart, liver and kidney. As soon as Dinesh’s family members and his associates came to know about this, they immediately followed the government process of doing heart transplant. After some necessary investigation, the doctors transplanted the brain dead Richpal Singh’s heart to Dinesh Kumar Meena.

fast recovery
Now Dinesh’s condition is getting better. Doctors say that after a few weeks, he can also join his duty, but he will have to follow some rules. Now Dinesh’s family members and his companions are constantly engaged in his service. Rajasthan Police officials have also advised Dinesh to take rest.

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Last Updated Sep 4, 2022, 2:25 PM IST

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