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Said- Today two Hindustan, one of the poor and the other of the industrialists; Today there is a fight in these two countries. Rahul Gandhi; Congress Halla Bol Rally (Ramlila Maidan) Update | Delhi News

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  • Rahul Gandhi; Congress Halla Bol Rally (Ramlila Maidan) Update | Delhi News

New Delhi2 minutes ago

Congress held a Halla Bol rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi against the rising inflation in the country. In this, Rahul said that the media, press and institutions in the country are under pressure from the government. In such a situation, we have no way but to go public and tell the truth. Rahul said that 10-15 rich people of the country can dream whatever they want. This is not the case with the poor, but this country belongs to the poor, not the industrialists.

Rahul Gandhi and Congress leaders on stage at the Halla Bol rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.

Now in a five-point sequence, know what Rahul said in Delhi’s rally …

1. Fear of inflation and unemployment is increasing hatred in the country
Rahul Gandhi said- Hate is a form of fear. The one who is afraid, hatred arises in his heart. Fear is increasing in India. Fear of future, fear of inflation, fear of unemployment is increasing. Because of this hatred is increasing in India.

He said that hatred divides people, divides the country and weakens it. BJP and Sangh leaders divide the country and create fear. scare people and create hatred. The question arises as to who do it for and why. Who is getting the benefit of this hatred? Two industrialists of India are taking full advantage of this.

2. Demonetisation took money out of the pockets of the poor, waived off the loans of industrialists
Modiji did demonetisation. Did it benefit the poor? He took money out of the pockets of the poor. Told the poor that there is a fight against black money. After a few months you saw that lakhs of crores of rupees were taken out of your pocket… the loans of the biggest industrialists of the country were waived off. Farmer’s loan will not be waived. Will bring black laws against farmers. Will say that these laws are for their benefit. If it is for the benefit of the farmer then why is the farmer against it in India.

Farmers showed their power to Narendra Modiji. When Modiji saw the power of farmers, he canceled the law. Same thing happened with GST. Congress wanted to bring second GST. BJP changed GST. By imposing five different taxes, the small shopkeepers were severely hurt.

3. Government scares opponents with ED, CBI, Income Tax
In the rally, Rahul said – Just now someone said that Modiji is the Prime Minister. But, without those two industrialists, without the support of the media, Modiji cannot be the Prime Minister. Be it media, press, institutions, the government is putting pressure on everyone. What is the need of our journey, we have no other way. We have to go to the public. We have to tell them the truth of the country. Whoever wants to work against Modiji, be it opposition, activist, NGO… ED, CBI, Income Tax are all imposed on him.

4. ED made me sit for 55 hours, even if I sit for 5 years, I will not be afraid
In the rally, Rahul also spoke on the questioning of ED. Rahul said- ED kept me sitting for 55 hours. I want to explain one thing to Modiji that I am not afraid of your ED, I do not care. Whether you do 55 hours, 500 hours or 5 years, I don’t care. Constitution is the soul of the country and today every Indian citizen will have to do the work of saving it. If we did not do this, did not stand up today, then this country would not survive. This country is the constitution, this is the voice of the people, this country is the future of the people.

5. This country does not belong to two industrialists, but of laborers and poor
Rahul said- This country does not belong to two industrialists, it is of poor people. Today there are two Hindustans. One is of workers, poor, farmers and unemployed. Where no one can dream. You will not get any benefit even after giving blood and sweat in that country. There is another country, which is of 10-15 industrialists, billionaires. You can dream whatever you want to see in it. You will get whatever you want in that India. Brothers and sisters, there is a fight between these two countries.

Rahul, who reached Ramlila Maidan for the Congress rally, shook hands and greeted the workers from all over the country.

Rahul, who reached Ramlila Maidan for the Congress rally, shook hands and greeted the workers from all over the country.

Adhir Ranjan said – easy to move in Congress, difficult to survive
Leader of Congress Parliamentary Party in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan said, “Today, inflation is such a condition that if you go shopping in the market, all your pocket money is exhausted, but the bag remains empty.” He also took a jibe at Ghulam Nabi Azad, who recently left the party, saying that it is very easy to come to Congress, it is easier to leave. But it is very difficult to survive in it. People walk two steps together, then change paths.

Police took Congress workers to Ramlila Maidan
Earlier, the Congress workers going to the Congress headquarters for the demonstration were taken by the police from Akbar Road to Ramlila Maidan. While sitting in the police car, all the workers kept shouting slogans of Vande Mataram and Halla Bol. Before the protest, Rahul has attacked PM Modi by tweeting. He wrote- ‘The king is busy earning friends, the people are suffering from inflation.’

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