Big disclosure of the director, 20 days before his death, Sonali had told this secret related to Sudhir

First Published Sep 4, 2022, 2:42 PM IST

Sonali phogat murder: New revelations are happening every day after the Sonali Phogat murder case. Meanwhile, now a film director from Uttar Pradesh has made a big disclosure. Sonali Phogat spoke to producer-director Mohammad Akram Ansari, living in Sitapur in UP, 20 days before her death. According to Akram Ansari, in this conversation, Sonali had said a big thing about her PA Sudhir Sangwan.

After all, what did Sonali say about Sudhir:
According to Akram Ansari, Sonali told me not to give money to my PA Sudhir Sangwan. During an interview, Akram told that he had spoken to Sonali Phogat in connection with being offered work at some events.

Sudhir was not allowing the contract to be signed:
According to Akram Ansari, Sudhir was hindering in signing this contract. Because of that the contract could not be signed. After this, when I contacted Sonali madam, she said that I have some such things with Sudhir, about which he blackmails me.

I take all the decisions of Sonali:
Akram Ansari told that about nine months ago I had contracted Sonali Phogat through email to act as an actress in some events. On this, madam gave me the number of PA Sudhir Sangwan and asked me to talk to him. When I spoke to Sudhir, he said yes to Sonali’s work in events. On this I told Sudhir that once you talk to madam, Sudhir said that there is no need to talk to her. I take all their decisions.

There was to be an agreement of 1.5 crores:
According to Akram, after Sonali said yes, I made an agreement of 1.5 crores and sent its copy to Sudhir Sangwan. When I asked to show this agreement to any CA, Sudhir said that I myself was a lawyer earlier and now I work with madam.

Sudhir created pressure for the agreement:
One day Sudhir Sangwan brought Sonali madam to Delhi without informing me and called me to come for the agreement. After this he said that you make an online agreement, you transfer the money to my account. Then I said that I will not finalize the agreement until I meet Sonali ma’am and explain the work to her.

Sonali madam refused to give money to Sudhir:
About 20 days before the death of Sonali madam, Sudhir made me talk to madam from his phone. Then Sonali said under Sudhir’s pressure that whatever Sudhir says, do it. But later he told me that don’t give any payment to Sudhir, that money will not reach me. Sonali had told that she does not get along with Sudhir anymore.

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