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3 arrested in Ooty this morning after cutting father-son with sickle and robbing Rs 30 lakh

3 arrested in Ooty this morning after cutting father-son with sickle and robbing Rs 30 lakh
3 arrested in Ooty this morning after cutting father-son with sickle and robbing Rs 30 lakh


Thangaraj (age 55) hails from Manaparai area near Trichy. His son is Yuvraj (25).

Both of them, father and son, used to come to Ooty every Sunday to collect the money owed to the traders who send vegetables from Ooty to Trichy.

As usual, Thangaraj left Trichy for Ooty last night with his son to pay the money to the traders today. At that time, he had Rs. 30 lakhs collected in Trichy in his hand.

At 5.45 am today they reached Thangarajum, Yuvarajum and Ooty. From the bus station, they walked to the Ooty market area. As they approached Marketmanikoondu, the center of Ooty, a car came speeding behind them and intercepted the two.

From there some of the aspirants went down to Tibutibuena and went near Thangaraj. Are there any people coming later? Seen as

After making sure that there was no movement of people at that time, the members of the gang cut them with hideous weapons including knives and sickles. Then the gang robbed the traders of Rs.30 lakh and fled in the car they came in.

Both the father and the son were screaming in pain due to cuts in many parts of the body. Some passers-by saw this and informed the Ooty police.

The police rushed to the spot, rescued the 2 injured persons and admitted them to Ooty Government Hospital for treatment. They are receiving intensive care there.

Subsequently, the police registered a case regarding the incident and started an investigation into the gang that hacked the traders. Surveillance camera footage installed in the area was examined.

They also alerted the entire district and intensified vigilance at all check posts in the district. Vehicles with out-of-state and out-of-district registration plates that came through that route were actively monitored.

Then a car came in Kateri area near Coonoor. There were 3 people in that car. When they were questioned, they answered first and foremost. Suspicious, the police conducted a serious investigation and found out that they were a gang who cut the traders with sickles and escaped with the money.

The police then arrested the 3 people. They are keeping them in a secret place and are conducting serious investigation. Meanwhile, it is said that the traders were being followed by a gang in a bus and a gang in a car.

Due to this, the police suspect that some other people may be connected with these 3 people in this incident. They are also investigating in this regard. The incident of father and son, traders, being hacked with scythes by mysterious persons and extorting money in the early hours of the morning has created a stir in Ooty.

The article is in Tamil

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