Can not make wife, fear about mother; Know what political experts say Can not make wife, fear about mother; Know what political experts say

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Jharkhand will turn 22 on 15th November. Jharkhand was brought into existence by bifurcating Bihar in the year 2000 on the issue of development. From the formation of the new state till now, development has been lost and corruption has been at the forefront. Many leaders are in jail today. Investigations are going on against many in corruption cases. In this episode, the name of Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren was added.

It is alleged that he gave the lease of the mine to his company while being the Chief Minister. The Mines and Environment Department is also with Hemant Soren. That’s why he himself gave NOC as well. There was no problem anywhere. But when the matter came to the fore, there was such a problem that his own legislature and the government were under threat.

Know the politics of Jharkhand from the point of view of a political analyst
Senior journalist and former information commissioner of Jharkhand Baijnath Mishra said, since the time Bihar-Jharkhand was one, we have been watching politics. Have seen Jharkhand being made and transformed. He said that the dispute arose on the first day of the formation of Jharkhand and at the time of taking oath as the first Chief Minister.

Baijnath Mishra has retired from the post of Information Commissioner, Jharkhand.

Question: Why is Chief Minister Hemant Soren afraid even after having full majority?
Baijnath Mishra says that Hemant Soren’s government was formed in 2019. This government of the Grand Alliance also has an absolute majority. This government was to complete the term of 5 years. But now there is a cloud of doubt on the government. The ministers and MLAs here are lying in the resort of Raipur in Chhattisgarh. Which in itself is ridiculous. Bharatiya Janata Party’s Operation Lotus may not be successful here. Because, how many MLAs will BJP break from JMM or Congress? it’s not possible. Here it is the fault of the Chief Minister himself.

This happened for the first time that a Chief Minister, who is himself a Minister of Mining and Minister of Environment Department, himself took a mining lease for his company. Forest clearance has also been given himself. He took the lease in September 2021. Its process started from the month of June of the same year. The matter came to light in February 2022. Actually, these people consider Jharkhand as their land, their property. In Jharkhand, the leaders who have been accused of corruption or gone to jail are all tribals and natives of this place.

Question: If Hemant Soren resigns then who is the Chief Minister?
Referring to an incident, Baijnath Mishra says that Congress working president Sonia Gandhi and Samajwadi Party leader Jaya Bachchan had resigned on moral grounds in the Office of Profit case. Later in Rae Bareli Sonia Gandhi came back after winning the election. Hemant Soren should have done the same. He should have given an option that one of his confidantes should also be made the leader of the legislature party. But did not do so. They have an unbroken majority. Now if Hemant resigns then the question is who will be the next Chief Minister? There will be no wife and mother, the younger brother Basant Soren is also facing the same allegation, which is against Hemant Soren.

If he makes a wife, then there will be no one vote in his party on this. Because, it is feared that Hemant Soren, realizing the danger of breaking in his party, has taken all the MLAs to Raipur. In these, the matter of anger of the old MLA of JMM has come to the fore. The biggest name in this is that of MLA Loben Humbrem. Who has brought his own government into question many times. He has not gone to Raipur with the rest of the MLAs. Moving around in your area. Not openly, but inside, there has been talk of some other MLA getting angry. All these have been companions of Shibu Soren’s movement for Jharkhand.

If Hemant makes his wife the CM, then his party will not have one vote on it.

Question: Why is Hemant Soren afraid of making mother the Chief Minister?
On the basis of his political experiences, Baijnath Mishra tells that there are two screws in front of Hemant Soren. It is that if he makes his wife Kalpana Soren the Chief Minister, then the question arises that how will she contest the elections? Because, in every election from the local body to the government, the government made a rule that girls from outside Jharkhand who have come here as daughter-in-law after marriage, will not get the benefit of reservation in the elections. In such a situation, Kalpana Soren is also not from Jharkhand. She is also from the neighboring state of Odisha. Technically the screw is stuck.

On the other hand, if he makes his mother Roopi Soren the Chief Minister, Hemant will be afraid of losing his clout. Because, in Indian tradition a mother loves her younger son the most. Under this, Rupi Soren considers her younger brother Basant Soren more than Hemant. Struggle leaders like Stephen Marandi, Mathura Mahto, Jagannath Mahto, Champai Soren are in JMM. Who deserves the post of Chief Minister. can run the government. But Hemant Soren is not seeing them. That’s why there is still fog in Jharkhand.

Question: Will the cast certificate become a hindrance for Kalpana Soren too?
To know the answer to this question, a legal expert and advocate of Ranchi High Court, Sangam Kumar was talked to. From the local body elections to the assembly elections, girls from other states who have become daughter-in-law in Jharkhand and they come from the reservation quota, then they cannot contest from the reserve seat. Because, on this, the cast certificate of such people is not being made. Due to this, it had a big impact on the recently held local body elections. According to the advocate, Kalpana Soren, wife of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, will accompany Soren. Because, both of them got married in the year 2000 after the formation of a separate state of Jharkhand from Bihar.

Question: Why Jharkhand politics often goes awry?
Talking on the political history of Jharkhand, Baijnath Mishra explains that the fact is, when Jharkhand was formed, the controversy started at the same time. BJP leader Babu Lal Marandi was to take oath as the Chief Minister at 12 o’clock on the day of formation itself. But it got delayed. Shibu Soren of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, who fought a long battle to make Jharkhand a separate state, was sitting on a dharna. Because, he wanted to be the Chief Minister. It’s about 2000.

Referring to the developments from the political point of view, according to him, due to the controversy and disturbances that took place on the first day, the politics of Jharkhand did not remain stable. Even today that situation remains, the politics of Jharkhand is going on in a mess. Believe it or not, the effect of the first day is still there.

Controversy started when Jharkhand was formed: Baijnath Mishra

Controversy started when Jharkhand was formed: Baijnath Mishra

Question: Why did Babu Lal Marandi, the first Chief Minister of Jharkhand, have to resign?
At that time, BJP leader Babu Lal Marandi became the Chief Minister, but after about two and a half years, the campaign to remove him started. In fact, some ministers of his government were accused of corruption at that time. At that time Inder Singh Namdhari was the speaker of the assembly. BJP’s internal politics worked. Babu Lal Marandi had to resign from the post of Chief Minister. On 18 March 2003, BJP leader Arjun Munda was made the Chief Minister. But, the funny thing is that all the ministers who were accused of corruption, who were in dispute, who were tainted, they all remained ministers in Arjun Munda’s government too.

Question: How did Arjun Munda become the Chief Minister of Jharkhand again?
Assembly elections were held in Jharkhand in the year 2005. No political party, including the BJP, got a clear majority. But at that time the then Governor Syed Sibte Razi wrongly administered the oath of Chief Minister to Shibu Soren alias Guruji. Gave 13 days for majority. The matter went to the Supreme Court. Then the court called the Governor’s action a fraud with the Constitution. The Supreme Court also reduced the time to one week. The people who assured Shibu Soren of helping them did not even appear in the floor test. Due to this his government fell and then Arjun Munda became the Chief Minister again with the support of independent MLAs.

Question: Why did Arjun Munda’s government fall?
Baijnath Mishra says that in the month of September 2006, the independent MLAs who had united to form the government of Arjun Munda, the same MLAs withdrew their support and toppled the government. After this, independent MLA Madhu Koda became the Chief Minister with the support of JMM and Congress. Run the government for almost two years. From Chief Minister Madhu Koda to half a dozen ministers of this government went to jail for corruption.

Question: How did Raghuvar Das become the Chief Minister even after not having a magic figure?
In 2009, JMM and BJP formed the government together and then Arjun Munda became the Chief Minister. After about 2 years, this alliance broke again. Meanwhile, once again Shibu Soren became the Chief Minister for a few days but lost the election from Tamad. After which President’s rule was imposed here. After this, Hemant Soren became the Chief Minister for the first time after getting support from non-BJP parties. It’s about 2013. Then in 2014 the BJP government was formed. However, in the assembly elections at that time, only 37 seats were won by the BJP MLAs.

To form the government, the magic figure had to be crossed 41. At that time Babulal Marandi was running his own party JVM after breaking away from BJP. BJP broke 6 of their MLAs and got them included in their party. Due to this, BJP leader Raghuvar Das became the Chief Minister and this was the first government in Jharkhand, which had completed a five-year term.

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