These Are 3 Signs Of PCOS In Body, Know Here – Signs Of PCOS:

In PCOS, dark thick hair comes out on the face.

special things

  • In this, thick black hair comes out on the face.
  • Thick pusy grains come out.
  • Hair starts falling in a comb.

Reason of PCOS: PCOS i.e. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which is a serious problem faced by women. It affects the ovaries and ovulation. This happens when cysts in the ovary, the level of male hormones increases and this is also due to irregular periods. Fertility is also affected by this. In such a situation, we should know that what are the symptoms, which show that you are suffering from PCOS disease. Today in this article we will tell about those 3 symptoms, so let’s know.

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3 Symptoms of PCOS

Pimples with thick pus on the face are one of the symptoms of PCOS. This is due to the excessive secretion of hormones called androgens. This hormone makes the skin oily, due to which the painful thick grains come out. Not only on the face but also on the back, neck, and chest.

Hair loss is also included in its symptoms. Due to PCOS, hair starts falling a lot. This is also due to an excess of androgen hormones. In this the hair becomes very thin. In this hair breakage also starts. Hair comes out in a comb.

At the same time, hair also comes out on people’s face. It makes the face ugly. Black thick hair comes out in it. This is called hirsutism. Laser treatment is done to remove it. Apart from this, if you also get face wax done, then here are the symptoms of PCOS.

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