Onam 2022: When will Onam be celebrated, know the method of worship, story and religious significance

Onam 2022: When will Onam be celebrated, know the method of worship, story and religious significance
Onam 2022: When will Onam be celebrated, know the method of worship, story and religious significance

What is the religious significance of Onam festival celebrated in South India? To know the method of worship, auspicious time and mythology of Onam, definitely read this article.

Religious significance and worship method of Onam festival

Onam is a major festival celebrated in Kerala and Tamil Nadu of South India which is celebrated every year in the month of August-September. Which is also called Thiruvonam in Malayalam language. In this, Thiru means holy. The holy festival of Onam is celebrated in South India with great pomp for ten days and on this day people decorate their homes with colorful flowers. This holy festival which started from 23 August will be celebrated till 08 September. People from all over the country and abroad reach Kerala to see the joy and beauty of this holy festival. Let us know in detail the belief, worship method and religious importance related to the holy festival of Onam.

Why is Onam celebrated?

It is believed about the main Onam festival of South India that on every occasion, King Mahabali comes from Hades to bless his subjects on earth. It is also believed that on this day Lord Vishnu took the Vamana avatar.

Auspicious time for onam worship

According to the Panchang, this year Thiruvonam will start from 04:05 pm on 07 September 2022 till 01:40 pm on 08 September 2022. Since the holy festival of Onam is celebrated in Thiruvonam Nakshatra, it will be celebrated on 08 September 2022 this year. This year, auspicious yogas like Sukarma and Ravi are being formed on Onam. It is believed that all the wishes of a person are fulfilled by worshiping it according to the law.

How Onam is celebrated

On the festival of Onam, people in Kerala decorate their house with flowers, rangoli etc., make delicious dishes like Chadi, Rasam, Puliseri, Kheer etc. On this festival, all kinds of sports competitions like boat race, buffalo and bull races are held in Kerala. On this holy festival full of happiness and enthusiasm, people go to each other’s house to give good wishes and sweets etc.

Mythology related to Onam

Mythological belief is that Bali, the king of demons, was a devotee of Lord Vishnu along with being very mighty and charitable, but he was also very proud of this. To break it, Lord Vishnu came to him by taking Vamana avatar, when he was performing a yajna. As soon as the yagya was over, King Bali asked the Vamana avatar of God to ask for donation, then the Lord asked him for three steps of land. Then King Bali said in pride that you have asked for a very small thing. But God measured the entire kingdom of King Bali in two steps, after that for the third step, when there was nothing left to give to King Bali, he put his head forward in front of him that you should keep it here. As soon as he kept the feet of God, he got absorbed in Hades. After this incident, the people felt very sad, then God, while removing the grief of the people, blessed King Bali that you can live among your subjects once a year for 10 days. It is believed that in the festival of Onam, King Bali comes and removes the sorrows of his subjects and gives them happiness and prosperity.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

The article is in Hindi

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