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New Delhi: Since ancient times, buying gold in India has not only been considered associated with respect, but people buy gold according to the investment to get useful in the long run. Buying gold during festivals and gifting gold on auspicious occasions is considered auspicious. In Indian culture, there is a need to sleep somewhere from religion to auspicious works. At present, there is a continuous decline in the price of gold. There is also a sense of concern in the market about this, while it is also considered good for long term investment.

According to Raghav Rastogi, Partner, Jugal Kishore Jewelers by Rajan Rastogi, “Customers should always buy gold with a long-term investment goal. At this time, the price of gold is coming down, if seen, the long-term investors who buy gold are seen. It’s a good time for that.”

On the other hand, Anoop Saraf, Director, Ashpra Gems & Jewels, while expressing his opinion on the fall in the market price of gold and silver, said, “After Pitrupaksha, the season of Navratri, Deepawali and marriage will start. This is a golden opportunity to buy gold and silver to prepare for all these auspicious occasions due to fall in prices. This fall in the prices of gold and silver is going to prove beneficial for the investors going forward.

According to Rishi Verma, Director, Fateh Chand Bansilal Jewelers, Ambala, “Gold and silver prices fluctuate daily due to domestic and international factors. The prices of these precious metals have been witnessing a steady decline for some time now. In a week where gold has seen a fall of about ₹ 1500 per ten grams, the price of silver has fallen by about ₹ 3000 per kg. This decrease is a great opportunity for investors, to invest in gold and silver It’s the right time.”

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