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anti spy tempered glass is available at affordable cost on amazon | Apart from you, no one will see the display of the Smartphone, it is tempered very spectacular

Anti Spy Tempered: If you use public conveyance, then it must have happened many times that when you are sitting in your seat in a bus or train, many times the person sitting next to you starts peeking into your smartphone, like this In this, you have to stop chatting even if you do not want to or you have to stop using the smartphone. If this is happening continuously with you too, then today we are going to tell you a great way to deal with it. In this way, you will also be able to use the smartphone in public conveyance and no one will be able to see your personal stuff.

How to maintain privacy

You might not be aware that a tempered glass has come in the market which can accomplish this task very well. If you think that we are talking about normal tempered glass, then it is not because normal tempered glass is plain and mostly it is used to protect the display. However, the glass we are going to tell about which not only protects the display, but also maintains your privacy.

which is this tempered glass

The tempered glass we are talking about can be easily bought on Amazon. Its name is Cell Phone Anti Spy Anti Peep Privacy Screen Tempered Glass Screen Protector. If we talk about the price, then customers can buy it for Rs 499. If you do not know about this, then now you have a good way to maintain privacy. This glass is very strong and also protects your display.

The article is in Hindi

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