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Used Cars Second Hand Luxury Cars At Very Low Price See Full Details

Used Luxury Cars: Expensive luxury cars attract everyone, but it is not easy for everyone to pay their price. Many people dream of buying luxury vehicles like Audi, BMW and Mercedes but their budget does not allow this dream to come true. The price of such vehicles starts from as low as Rs 50 lakh.

If you also dream of owning such a luxury vehicle but your budget is very less, then the time has come to fulfill the dream as we are going to tell you today. Here is a list of some of the used luxury vehicles that have been spotted on the website of Cars24 at very low prices. So let’s see which are these luxury vehicles.


This is a first owner car. This vehicle is available with the registration number of Haryana. It is an automatic car, which is mated to a diesel engine. This 2013 car has so far driven a total of 83,330 km. Also third party insurance is also available in this. A demand of Rs 13,71,599 has been made for this car.

Audi Q3 35 TDI Quattro

This is a diesel engine car with an automatic transmission. This is a first owner car. The running run of the 2015 model car so far is 52,533 km. The number of this car is from Delhi and third party insurance will also be available with it. The asking price of this car has been kept at Rs 14,89,899.


This is a 2016 model second owner car from BMW. It has a diesel engine with automatic transmission. The total running of this train so far is 31,318 km. There is also a valid third party insurance with the car. The asking price of this has been kept at Rs 16,19,599.

Mercedes Benz E Class E 220 CDI ELEGANCE

This is the first owner car of a 2013 model, in which Haryana’s number is found. It is a diesel engine car with automatic transmission. The running run of this car so far is 53,524 km. A valid third party insurance is also available with this car. A demand of Rs 12,00,899 has been made for this car.

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