“We do not need the NLC; “Protest to lock down soon” – Anbumani’s passion in Neyveli protest | Anbumani speech on NLC at the Neyveli protest

“We do not need the NLC; “Protest to lock down soon” – Anbumani’s passion in Neyveli protest | Anbumani speech on NLC at the Neyveli protest
“We do not need the NLC; “Protest to lock down soon” – Anbumani’s passion in Neyveli protest | Anbumani speech on NLC at the Neyveli protest

Cuddalore: ““We don’t need an NLC administration that works against the people and farmers of Tamil Nadu,” said PMC leader Anbumani Ramadoss at a protest in Neyveli today.

A protest demonstration was held near Neyveli Archgate on behalf of BAMAK to condemn Neyveli NLC India. PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss said, “This demonstration is a very important demonstration. NLC was started in 1956. When a company is started, the growth that results should benefit the people of that area.

However, when the NLC administration was started, the NLC administration was started by taking away the livelihood of around 44 villagers and taking over their houses and land. The NLC administration has kept the people as refugees till date without providing job opportunity and proper compensation to those who gave house and land to the NLC company in the last 66 years.

And it is turning the Cuddalore district into a desert. The NLC administration is completely harming agriculture by depleting the ground water due to mining of coal. So we don’t need an NLC administration working against the people and farmers of Tamil Nadu. The people who have given land to the NLC company are not being given jobs but are being paid only low wages based on the contract.

People and farmers who have given their houses and land have lost their livelihood and are forced to beg. In the recently held NLC Engineers exam, out of 299 candidates, not a single Tamilian was selected. So for Tamil we don’t need NLC administration which works against Tamilnadu people and farmers.

We will soon hold a protest to put a lock on the NLC administration. Even if the army comes, we will resist and do our work. Our district secretary and key executives of the party in the area will forever stand shoulder to shoulder with you and the NLC administration will not be able to acquire even a handful of soil in spite of you. Government of Tamil Nadu has 4% stake in NLC.

Because of that, the director is on leave on behalf of the Tamil Nadu government. Through that, the programs to be made available to the people of Tamil Nadu should be monitored and fully implemented. This demonstration should be a last warning to the NLC administration otherwise we will stage a lockout protest to remove the NLC administration,” he said.

Anbumani who came in the bullock cart: Earlier, Bamaka leader Anbumani Ramadoss came in a bullock cart with a big boot and participated in the demonstration. More than 2 thousand people participated in it.

BAMA president Anbumani Ramadoss came with a big boot in a bullock cart to the demonstration held by BAMA against NLC India at Neyveli Arcade.

Speaking to reporters after Arpat, he said, “For 66 years, the NLC administration has cheated this land and people by extracting brown coal, extracting underground water and sending it to the sea, turning Cuddalore district into a desert. We condemn the Tamil Nadu government for failing to protect the rights of the people of this district. We are not going to tolerate it anymore. We are not against development.

We do not want development at the expense of agriculture and the environment. What we need is sustainable development. What happened today was an identity struggle. That is why we have brought a lock to the sign. Next time we will definitely lock the NLC administration..we will not let this go. We are also going to face this matter legally. We are going to fight this politically. We are going to gather people and hold a protest on a huge scale,” he said.

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