At first Praveen did not understand anything, but he was surprised to know about Pihu’s mind. At first Praveen did not understand anything, but he was surprised to know about Pihu’s mind.

At first Praveen did not understand anything, but he was surprised to know about Pihu’s mind. At first Praveen did not understand anything, but he was surprised to know about Pihu’s mind.
At first Praveen did not understand anything, but he was surprised to know about Pihu’s mind. At first Praveen did not understand anything, but he was surprised to know about Pihu’s mind.

9 minutes ago

Praveen had a habit of walking on the terrace at night after having dinner. Today Praveen came early on the terrace and started walking. On the front terrace too, two girls were standing and talking. Sometimes walking a little, sometimes stopping. In between, she looked at Praveen.

Walked for a long time today. Thinking that he has to study now, Praveen got down early and sat down to study.

The next morning, getting ready in the morning to go to college, as soon as the stairs started descending, then the girl from the front was also coming downstairs. She smiled slightly seeing Praveen. Praveen smiled too. Praveen notices that the girl in the night is very beautiful. He became curious to know about her.

After coming from college, Praveen spoke to his roommate Pandey, “Brother, who lives in the flat opposite?”

Instead of answering, Pandey asked the question, “You mean ‘people’ or ‘special’?”

Praveen laughed and said, “You always think the opposite thing.”

After dinner, Praveen went upstairs to walk again. Both the girls were walking in front. Praveen started walking.

After a while one said, “Hello!”

Praveen also said ‘hello’.

The little girl asked, “What do you do?”

Praveen said, “I am studying, it is last year in college.”


Then Praveen asked, “What are you doing?”

“It’s my board paper this time.”

“Your name?”

“I am Priyanka, this is my elder sister Pihu. Pihu is preparing for medical.

“Wow! Brilliant.”

There would be some more conversation, then a voice came from below, ‘Son, come downstairs.’ Shaking hands, Priyanka said, “Good night brother.” Pihu also went downstairs smiling. Praveen kept watching them leave. After a while Praveen also came down.

The next morning Praveen went to get milk, but while returning he found Pihu on the way. She went away smiling seeing Praveen.

Praveen understood something now. He felt that he was being pulled towards Pihu. Now he started wanting to talk to Pihu. Every night the process of walking on the roof continued.

One day Praveen was walking on the terrace. When I saw in front, today Pihu had come alone on the terrace. She was looking at Praveen with his eyes saved. Praveen moved towards Pihu and both of them looked into each other’s eyes. Pihu’s face was shining in the twinkling light of white light. Praveen’s heartbeat increased. Both didn’t say anything. After a while both of them went downstairs.

On the second day also Pihu was alone. Today Praveen dared. He wrote his mobile number on a small piece of paper and brought it from the bottom very quickly. On the way, he was saved from slipping and slipping.

Coming on the roof, Praveen first looked here and there. When he was satisfied that there was no one around, he threw the slip towards Pihu. Pihu bent down and quickly picked up the slip. Pihu came straight down without opening the slip.

Praveen was a little nervous. Then his mobile started ringing. He saw that the call came from the land line.

“Hello… hello…” even after saying two or three times, no sound came from there. Praveen once again said ‘hello’. This time a soft voice came from the other side, “Hello, I am Pihu.” Now Praveen’s voice is gone. After a few seconds Praveen said, “Yes, now we can talk.”

Then Pihu said, “I will talk tomorrow, Papa has come from office.”

Saying “Ok” Praveen got lost in Pihu’s thoughts.

Today Praveen’s happiness knew no bounds. The next day, getting ready quickly, Praveen went to college. Pihu’s phone rang in college itself. Praveen was in class now. He hung up the phone.

Pihu called again. Then Praveen had to silence the mobile. After class he called on that number, but then Pihu’s mother picked up the phone. He had to hang up the phone.

After a while Pihu’s call came again. During the conversation Praveen asked, “Can we meet?”

Pihu said, “Tomorrow I will come to your college.”

Saying “Okay,” Praveen hung up the phone, but his heart was jumping with joy.

Wearing good clothes in the morning, Praveen left for college. He could not remember that today is his class test. After going to college, he noticed that he had not studied anything. Still the test went well.

After leaving the class, he started waiting for Pihu. Pihu did not have a mobile. He called home, Pihu picked up the phone. Praveen asked “Are you not out?” Pihu didn’t want to talk much, saying “just in a while,” she hung up the phone.

Praveen will now have to wait for at least an hour. It was getting difficult for him to pass the time. Sometimes he used to sit in the canteen and sometimes he would come back after taking a round from outside the library.

Praveen now went outside the gate and waited. It had been more than an hour. After a while an auto came and stopped near him. Pihu came out from inside. He looked at Praveen in awe. Then Pihu took Praveen’s hand in his hand and pressed him lightly. Praveen felt as if he had apologized for being late. How many times without saying a word everything can be said by touch.

This was the first feeling. First both went to the canteen, went out after drinking tea. Then both of them caught the bus and started towards home. Both sat together in the bus. This time Praveen tried to touch her hand with his fingers, but Pihu slowly separated her hand. Pihu gestures to Praveen that everyone is watching.

Now both would find some excuse to meet everyday. Both cannot live without each other.

Four or five months passed. The people of Pihu’s house went to the village for three-four days for some work. Pihu’s grandfather was ill. Parents had to go to the urgent to see them. His village was also nearby. In the evening, Pihu, seeing the opportunity, called Praveen to have dinner at home. The uncle of Pihu’s village lived in the adjacent flat.

Praveen felt very familiar after going to Pihu’s house. Priyanka brought a glass of water and said, “Brother water.”

Then Pihu said in the middle, “Brother?”

When Priyanka immediately said ‘sorry’, all three laughed. The three had dinner together.

When Praveen got up to go to his house, Pihu said, “Come, let me show you my room.”

Seeing the decoration of the room, Praveen said, “The room has been decorated very beautifully.”

Pihu peeped outside and saw that Priyanka was in the hall. Seeing the opportunity, she slowly hugged Praveen. Praveen kisses Pihu’s forehead. Both of them pat each other lovingly and walk out.

– Pankaj Kumar Choubey

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