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Indore Madhya Pradesh Monitoring Of 100 Water Tanks Of Narmada Project Through Software Mobile App ANN

Madhya Pradesh News: In this era of modernity, where there is a smartphone in every hand, through various types of mobile apps, common people are running their business by making their tasks easier. On the same lines, now the Narmada Project Office has also started the work of monitoring more than 100 water tanks present in Indore city through mobile app.

Online monitoring of water tanks started
In fact, from the new modern control room prepared last year in the Narmada Project office of Musakhedi area of ​​Indore, now through SCADA software, at present, online monitoring of 105 Narmada water tanks has been started by the officers including more than 100 new ones. . Through this app, from filling the tank till its overflow, the officers are getting information about the pulp from the Musakhedi control room itself.

Information available through mobile app
In Indore city, the work of connecting all the 27 new tanks prepared under the AMRUT scheme to the control room online was also done with great speed in the last days so that the officers were asked to fill less and more of the tanks till the label was more or less. Get information on one click. At the same time, from the occurrence of water wastage to any kind of leakage, now the officers are getting instant information through the mobile app, due to which timely improvement works are also being done. This will help the residents of the city to get rid of the problems faced in the supply of water.

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At the same time, according to the zone from this modern control room located at Musakhedi, the tanks of the entire city are being monitored. Monitoring of more than 100 new and old water tanks of the entire city is being done online by the officers on the large LED screen installed in the modern control room of Narmada Project office at Musakhedi through SCADA software developed by Remki company.

Zafar Khan, in-charge associated with the Remki company, says that, for this, work was done on the new tanks last year to install other modern equipment including flow meters. Apart from this, flow meters are being installed on the lines wherever there is direct supply in the city. Along with the wall flowmeter, other devices have also been installed on the tanks so that now there is no wastage of water anywhere.

what did the officer say
On the other hand, Narmada Project officer Sanjeev Srivastava says that earlier, from opening the walls of the tanks to filling, one had to rely on the employees. Now online monitoring of tanks is being done through SCADA software from the control room. At the same time, as new tanks are being prepared, as soon as the water supply starts from them, the work of connecting them to the control room is also being done by hand. Let us tell you that earlier the municipal corporation had to rely on the employees, but now the tanks and big lines are being monitored online by the officers from the control room.

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