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On behalf of the Dravida Movement Tamil Council, the speech given by Kazhagam President Kolathur Mani on the topic “Who are the Enemies” at the workshop held at Ampathur Thai Tamil School, Chennai on 31.07.2022, explaining the Brahmin Sanatana histories of RSS pioneers Tilakhar, Savarkar, Vijayaraghavacharyaar:

“Who is the enemy?” That is the title of the event. Movements that do not know exactly who is the enemy are changing direction. In the name of Tamil Nationality, we are witnessing some movements abandoning the real enemies i.e. hostile conflicts and opposing friendly conflicts. This topic is for us to identify our enemies. They are properly classified. In Bunch of Thoughts (Jnana Gangai) Golwalker has clearly categorized three enemies.

1) Muslims, 2) Christians, 3) Communists. Now after Modi came to power, in 2014 they convened a conference called “World Hindu Conference”. This conference was conducted by ‘Ashok Singhal’. The Tars added two new opponents to the conference. First they classified the enemies as Marxists, then Missionaries, Meccanists, Materialists and Muslims. They marked this as ‘M’. Even if they keep the fourth, they name the ‘materialists’ (atheists) as their worst enemies. Finally, the ‘Muslims’ were regarded as dangerous enemies.

Scientific knowledge makes them question their religion and varnasrama, so they started talking about the ‘Macaulay’ educated as enemies. “Why do they hate Macaulay so much,” he wrote, “when the entire literature in this country is compiled, it does not even give the science that the books on the shelf of the European elementary schoolboy do.”

He mentions two languages, Sanskrit and Persian. Next he criticizes the Puranas. They absolutely hate equality. Christianity and Islam spoke of equality. But the equality that Periyar talked about is different, and when asked whether the Justice Party flag can be kept as the Dravida Kazhagam flag, he said, “The balance is equal there, there should not be an equal balance here. Periyar said that the person who has been cheated should have more weight on his plate.

Some came as Census Officers. WR Cornish came as Census Officer of Chennai Province. Taken in 1871. In it he wrote a note,

He wrote, “All the problems of this country are seen through the medium of brahmin spectacles, so we are not able to understand the problems properly.” Another official wrote, “In this country, caste determines one’s residence, dress, food, language, and so on,” a 1901 census official wrote.

Why, in 1931, the former Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill, in his speech ‘Our duty in India’, said, “Today’s freedom struggle is to make the Brahmins sit in a place called British. This is not liberation for the country. (To substitute the Brahmin in the place of British) If such a situation comes, 65 million people in this country who may be the downtrodden people will perish,” he mentioned in that speech.

If we put all these things together, we will understand. If we see what has happened here in the name of liberation, we will understand what this RSS organization has done.

1858 – On November 1, a government formally comes into power in India. Prior to that, business was ruling the roost. Then comes the Victoria Proclamation. They had taken the assurance that ‘we will not interfere in your religion’. Because it was the barbarians who were continuously educated with the government and who spoke English.

Of the Muslims, Savarkar first writes very highly. He also writes that the contribution of Muslims in the freedom struggle was inevitable. He also writes that the British rejoiced at the death of the Islamic leader. Savarkar remained like this till 1909. He changes only after going to jail. Muslims were intensely anti-British, to the extent of declaring that English could not be learned at all. But, Hindus learned English very easily and went to high positions. The Indian National Congress met every year (1884) when they decided that why should we not meet every year like this when Lord Ripon went to England after his term in India was over. There were also secular seers.

Gokhale was there. He is a seer of Sidbhavan. But the seers who removed Poonula. Congress was started by such progressive thinkers. So Congress also had the idea of ​​social change. A conference for social reform was also held in parallel every year thereafter. This happened only till 1895. It was at the 1895 conference that he said, “If the Social Reform Conference is held again, I will set fire to the pandal.” It was then that the Social Reform Conference came to a standstill in the Congress. The Law of Roulette itself was introduced by Tilak and his friend Sabekar brothers. Because they ran a military school. Moonche was later, but before that, they ran a military school. They have the principle that we should take up arms to protect the rights of Hindus. The Roulette report mentions these as reasons. Tilak was such a ferocious seer. He also has a history of apology letters.

All the progressives in the Congress from 1885 to 1914 were gone, and the Congress fell into the hands of the Brahmins establishing Hindu Brahmin supremacy in 1915. After a while, the moderate Hindu Gandhi came. The first comers were people like Tilak who were the worst Hindus. It was the group that was friendly with Tilak and started the Hindu Maha Sabha.

It was in 1870s and 75s that religious riots began. Then the conflict of Muslims and Hindus begins. These conflicts continued till 1910. Two of them were held in our state. One, a riot took place in 1880 in Palakot, which was Salem district. In 1882, a mosque was demolished in Chevvai Potai area of ​​Salem. Who did this? C. Vijayaragavacharya, who was said to be the great leader in the past. He himself wrote the Congress Acts. The so-called great lawyer is also sentenced to 10 years in prison for being responsible for the demolition of the mosque. This happened all over India. By 1890, 25% of Congress was Muslim. It fell to 5% in 1905. Because it was the Congress leaders who behaved like Hindu fanatics. In 1906 “Muslim League” is started. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was still in the Congress.


– Kolathur mani

The article is in Tamil

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