The cat pounced on the bird, then there was such a riot, people were stunned

The cat pounced on the bird, then there was such a riot, people were stunned
The cat pounced on the bird, then there was such a riot, people were stunned

Except humans, most of the animals created by nature depend on hunting for their life. They have to kill some other creature to fill their stomach and run their life. This is the law of nature. But people shudder to see the victim happening in front of their eyes. Even if that prey is not of a bird. One such video is going viral in which a riot was seen between a cat and a crow.

You will be stunned to see a riot between a cat and a bird in a video shared on Twitter’s @twitkocheng. First the cat pounced on a bird, then the next moment a flock of birds came to take revenge and saved the companion. But in the process of taking revenge on the cat, he got so busy that he remained unaware of the attack of the other cat. The video got more than 11 lakh views.

When saved from one, the other cat hunted
In the viral video, the cat swooped on seeing a bird and brought it to the ground from the sky. But before she could make him her morsel, a bunch of crows attacked her. When many birds started attacking the cat simultaneously, she was forced to run away. But before he could celebrate the happiness of saving the companion, the other cat made him a victim. That is, even after so much effort, the birds were forced to lose one of their companions. One or the other cat had already hunted him. Before this, there was a lot of tussle and riot-like scene between the birds and the cat.

Everyone’s heart cried seeing the crow’s prey
People saw a lot of riots between the crow and the cat on social media. Many people were heartbroken too. But once the cats hit the target, then their agility is such that it becomes impossible for the prey to survive.

Watching the video, a user wrote – Wow! What is happening? These are definitely kung fu cats! I know those cats were as fast as lightning.” At the same time, a user lashed out at the person who made the video and said- “If you were taking this video, why didn’t you save that bird from another cat? You should have tried to save the bird, because the other 2 saved it from the first 1”.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 09, 2022, 18:52 IST

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