A wife who killed her husband with a spade along with a counterfeiter

The wife killed her husband by cutting him with a spade along with the adulterer because he was interfering with the forgery. The incident took place in Arukambatti village next to Melur in Madurai district.

Ravi (52) hails from Arukambatti village. His wife is Pandiammal (45). The couple has three sons. Ravi has been doing agricultural work. For the past few years, there has been a difference of opinion between Ravi and Pandiammal. Due to this both the husband and wife have been living separately.

Ravi has been working in a garden in Tirupur. Pandiammal, who had separated from her husband and was living alone in Vellore, has been selling flowers. Then Pandiammal became familiar with a boy named Kumar from the same area. Then it turns out to be a fake relationship.

When Ravi came to know about this matter, he came to the town many times and scolded his wife. But Pandiammal didn’t care. Forgery has continued.

In this situation, Ravi has come to the town a few days ago for the village festival. Pandiammal decides to kill her husband as soon as he comes to town, he continues to disturb her.

Accordingly, Ravi is sleeping at his house in Arukambatti. Pandiammal killed her husband Ravi by brutally cutting him with a spade along with Kallakatha and his friend. Then he went to his house Pandiammal as if he didn’t know anything.

When the police recovered Ravi’s body and sent it for post-mortem after investigating Ravi’s death, the police became suspicious of Pandiammal after the information given by the neighbours. According to her interrogation, she said that she and her boyfriend had killed her husband because he had interfered with her cheating.

Following this, the police have arrested Pandiammal, his accomplice Kumar and his friend Pichaikani who helped in the murder and are conducting further investigation.

The article is in Tamil

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