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Who is SK Mishra, for whom PM Modi does not care about any rules

Who is SK Mishra, for whom PM Modi does not care about any rules
Who is SK Mishra, for whom PM Modi does not care about any rules

There are different types of officers in every institution. Some good and some bad. There are also some officers who, with the help of their ability, keep the whole institution by changing it and the rules and regulations are changed for such officers. One such officer is Sanjay Kumar Mishra, on whose shoulders is the responsibility of the Enforcement Directorate, which is currently ending the game of turning black money into white, and he remains a trustworthy of PM Narendra Modi.

These days if there is any organization, which remains in the headlines due to its swift action, it is the Enforcement Directorate i.e. ED. Every day the ED is seen taking action against the corrupt and black money. There is fear in the name of ED, especially among the opposition leaders, because one by one the ED is exposing their dark exploits. If anyone is given the credit for making the Enforcement Directorate so strong, it will be none other than its director Sanjay Kumar Mishra.

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Guess who is Sanjay Mishra here?

First of all let us know who is Sanjay Mishra? At present, Sanjay Kumar Mishra is working as the Director of Enforcement Directorate. He is a 1984 batch Indian Revenue Service officer. He was the youngest IRS officer of his batch. Mishra is known for his honesty with a sharp mind and hard work. He spent most of his career in the Income Tax Department. The roots of Indian politics have always been associated with corruption, which for a long time hollowed the country like termites. This is because after the country got independence, only one party ruled for 70 years. At one time the corrupt used to dominate, but then in the year 2014, a big change came and the people who were tired of the Congress’s decades of rule expressed their trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After coming to power, PM Modi took a pledge to root out the corrupt and black money. But where was this task so simple because it had reached the roots of the country. Anti-national forces, foreign funded NGOs, nexus of corrupt politicians and black money remained the biggest obstacle in the development of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the beginning of his tenure to curb the corrupt and the use of black money. Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010 (FCRA) Under the NGO running on foreign aid was tightened. But that was not enough, PM Modi understood that this alliance was huge. If big fish is to be caught then something big must be done and this is what he met with Sanjay Kumar Mishra.

On November 19, 2018, Sanjay Kumar Mishra was first made the Principal Special Director of the ED but then after a few days he was declared as the Director of the ED. Before the command of ED came in his hands, there was not much discussion of this institution. But the Enforcement Directorate saw a significant growth after Sanjay Kumar Mishra took over. It was Mishra who rapidly expanded the ED. When Sanjay Kumar Mishra was made director, the ED had five special directors and 18 joint directors. The Society now has 9 Special Directors, three Additional Directors, 36 Joint Directors and 18 Deputy Directors. The ED has set up offices in states like Meghalaya, Karnataka, Manipur, Tripura and Sikkim.

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Opposition’s frustration over Mishra

After Sanjay Kumar Mishra became the director, the scope of ED’s investigation has increased significantly. Now the Enforcement Directorate is probing several high profile cases. It is Sanjay Kumar Mishra, for whom Prime Minister Modi twisted the rules. In fact, Mishra was made director of Enforcement Directorate for only two years in the year 2018 and his term was to end in November 2020 as the appointment of CBI and ED directors in India till 2 years or till the age of 60 years, whichever is higher. First, it is done only till then.

The opposition, in particular, was eagerly waiting for Sanjay Kumra Mishra to retire as it was under Mishra’s leadership that the ED kept the opposition leaders in the dark. Mishra turned 60 in March 2020 but was continued by the government as the director of the ED. The opposition waited for the completion of his two-year term i.e. till November 2020. But by an order on 13 November 2020, the appointment letter was modified by the Central Government with retrospective effect and his tenure of two years was increased to three years.

It was only because of this that the frustration of the opposition started showing and due to the extension of Mishra’s tenure, he got so upset that through the NGO, he reached the Supreme Court regarding this matter, but from here he again got disappointed. He then waited for November 2021 for Mishra to retire. Even in September 2021, the Supreme Court had said in one of its orders that Sanjay Mishra would not get further extension, but despite the court’s order, his term was given an extension of one more year, giving a jolt to the opposition. The government brought an ordinance to amend the CVC Act and extended the tenure of Sanjay Kumar Mishra till November 2023. Sanjay Kumar Mishra became the first officer in Indian history to be the beneficiary of this ordinance. But here the patience of corrupt leaders and NGOs was broken and there was a flood of petitions in the Supreme Court to remove them.

Mishra remains PM Modi’s trustee

Surely it was Sanjay Kumar Mishra’s ability, which he proved and the government kept changing the rules time and again to retain him as the director of ED. If we look at the list of some big ED cases during his tenure, it looks quite long, ranging from the INX Media case of former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and Karti Chidambaram to the Maharashtra State Cooperative case of Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar and Rahul Gandhi- There are many high profile cases including Sonia Gandhi’s National Herald case, in which all these opposition leaders are caught in the clutches of the ED. This is the reason why the opposition has so much problem with Sanjay Kumar Mishra that they are bent on removing him, while Mishra continues to be PM Modi’s confidant.

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