In Shivpuri, the mother of four children who ran away with her lover said to the relatives – I have brought Golu away

– The relatives of the woman who came chasing, beating her lover

Shivpuri (Representative of New Zealand). The lovers of the couple were caught by the relatives of the woman while having food at a hotel near the railway station under Kotwali police station. When he was beating both of them, someone informed the police about the matter. The police reached the spot and caught them and brought them to the police station. In the police station, the woman told the police that she had come running away with her lover on her own free will. When the police inquired at Kundai police station, there was a missing woman’s complaint.

According to the information, Lata wife Jagdish Bhil, mother of four children resident of Kundai Guna, had fled to Shivpuri with her childhood lover Golu Goswami resident Aaron. In this sequence, Lata’s in-laws came to know that Lata was at Shivpuri railway station with her lover. He followed her to Shivpuri on Friday afternoon, where they caught Lata and Golu Goswami having food at a hotel and started beating them up. Seeing the whole incident, someone informed the police, after which the police reached the spot and brought Lata’s in-laws including Lata and Golu to the police station. In the police station, Lata said that Golu was not her but I had brought Golu away. It is not Golu’s fault in this and I want to be with Golu and not with my husband. After this whole incident, Shivpuri police talked to Kundai police and it came to know that the missing woman was registered there. After getting information about the woman, Kundai police has left for Shivpuri to pick her up.

Husband kills so run away, will not stay with him

Lata Bhil, a woman, says that her husband Jagdish beats her daily. He doesn’t keep her well because he is having a relationship with another woman. That is why she had decided that she would not stay with Jagdish and ran away from home on Tuesday night. After this, he called his childhood sweetheart Golu Goswami and called Guna. From there he fled to Shivpuri and has been in Shivpuri since two days. In this sequence, on Friday, his in-laws came to Shivpuri after chasing him and beat him up. From there the police have brought them with them. The woman says that she ran away from home on her own free will and will no longer be with Jagdish as he beats her up. According to her she wants to be with Golu.

Panchayat will be decided, where will it go and how will it go

When the relatives of the woman were talked about that she did not want to live with her husband. On this, his relatives and villagers had to say that what happens when he says? It will be decided by adding Panchayat in the village, with whom she will live and how. How will she go if she goes with that boy? On the whole, according to him, the law may release him and Golu on the basis of his statements and allow him to live where he wants to live, but he will not obey this law. Whatever decision is taken in their Panchayat, it will be universal.

they say

Both men and women had run away from home. After chasing them, the family members of the woman came, they caught both of them. Those people were quarreling near the railway station, on which information we brought everyone to the police station. The missing woman is registered in Kundai, the police has been informed there and the police there is coming to Shivpuri. We will hand over men and women to them, they will take further action. We have released the rest.

Sunil Khemaria, TI Shivpuri

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