Covid 19 Alert: Omicron New Variant BA.4.6 is now Spreading Fast | FAST SPREADING OMICRON’S NEW TYPE BA.4.6: BEWARE PEOPLE!!

London: People beware!! Another type of covid infection is spreading fast!! Omicron’s subtype BA.4.6, which is spreading rapidly in the US, has now been confirmed to be spreading in the UK. The UK Health Security Agency’s (UKHSA) latest briefing document on Covid variants noted that in the first week starting August 14, BA.4.6 samples in the UK were 3.3 per cent. Similarly, reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now indicate that BA.4.6 accounts for more than 9 percent of recent infections across the United States. This variation has been identified in many countries around the world.

What details are known so far about BA.4.6? What is its intensity?

1) BA.4.6 is a derivative of Omicron’s BA.4 variant.

2) BA.4 was first detected in South Africa in January 2022. It spread worldwide with the BA.5 variant.

3) It is not entirely clear how BA.4.6 originated. But experts believe it could be a recombinant variant.

4) BA.4.6 is similar to BA.4 in many ways. It carries a mutation to the spike protein, a protein on the surface of the virus. It allows it to enter our cells.

5) This mutation, R346T, has also been found in other variants. It is associated with immune evasion. This means that it helps the virus to escape from the vaccine and antibodies obtained from a previous infection.

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6) Fortunately, omicron infections usually cause less serious illness. And the world has seen fewer deaths from Omicron than previous variants.

7) No reports have yet reported that this variant causes more severe symptoms.

8) BA.4.6 appears to be better at evading the immune system than BA.5, the currently dominant variant. So the impact may be high. However this information is based on a preprint (which has not yet been studied).

9) Oxford University reported that people who received three doses of Pfizer’s original Covid vaccine produced fewer antibodies against the BA.4 or BA.5 viruses. This is worrying. This suggests that covid vaccines may be less effective against PA.4.6.

10) The emergence of BA.4.6 and other new variants has raised concerns worldwide. However, we must remember that vaccination continues to provide good protection against serious diseases and is the best weapon to fight against Covid.

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