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22-year-old Amina Mahsi went into a coma due to police beating in Iran, she stopped breathing

World News: In Iran, a 22-year-old woman, Mehsa Amini, was brutally beaten up by the police for not wearing a hijab that she slipped into a coma. where he died. In Iran, a controversy erupted on social media after Mahsa Amini fell into a coma after being detained by police on moral grounds, with some organizations that enforce strict dress codes for women, such as mandatory Wearing a headscarf, he justified it.Also Read – Post mortem report revealed – dead bodies of girls hanged after rape-murder, father’s demand – hang the culprits

Police arrested for not wearing hijab

According to Al Jazeera, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was on a trip to Tehran with her family when she was detained by police because she was not wearing a hijab. Shortly after being taken into police custody, he suffered a heart attack and was immediately taken to a hospital with the help of emergency services. Also Read – ‘Karnataka government’s order on Hijab is the death knell for secular education of students’

“Unfortunately, he died and his body has been transferred to the medical examiner’s office,” Al Jazeera said on Friday. The announcement came a day after Tehran police confirmed that Amini, along with other women, had been detained for “giving instructions” about the rules. Also Read – ‘I don’t ask Rakhi to wear burqa or hijab’, but I also want to see my religion, said boyfriend Adil

Police brutality

CNN quoted Iranwire as saying that human rights activists who spoke to the family said police caught Amini and was forced to take her inside a police vehicle. Her brother, Kiarash, protested against the police taking away his sister like this. But the police told him that they were taking his sister to the police station for an hour.

Brother told the incident with sister

His brother was waiting for his sister’s release outside the police station. In a short while his sister was being taken to the hospital by an ambulance. “The woman was sent to the Greater Tehran Police Complex for guidance and education when suddenly, in the presence of others, she suffered a heart attack,” police said. Police said, CNN quoted state media as saying.

Human rights commission took cognizance

When questioned about the arguments given by the police, Mahsa’s family said that she was absolutely fine and had no health problems, she was traveling with us to Tehran. How could he suddenly have a heart attack?

Human rights organization Amnesty International said that circumstances involving custodial torture and other abuses that led to the custodial death of 22-year-old woman Mehsa Amini should be criminally investigated.

“The so-called ‘ethics police’ in Tehran had arbitrarily arrested him three days before his death while abusing him. Some derogatory things had gone to him. Also, there was a threat of law for not wearing a burqa. He was told that he would be punished for it.”

There will be an uproar on social media, investigation will be done

Al Jazeera reported that the incident sparked an uproar on social media, with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi ordering the interior minister to launch an investigation into the matter, and several lawmakers saying they would raise the matter in parliament, while the judiciary Said that it will form a special task force for the investigation.

Amini’s death comes amid growing controversy inside and outside Iran over the conduct of the ethics police, formally known as the Patroll-e Ershad (Guidance Patrol). As Al Jazeera reports, the mandatory dress code, which applies to all nationalities and religions, not just Iranian Muslims, requires women to cover their hair and neck with a scarf.

Let us tell you that now women have raised their voice against the hijab in Iran and women have refused to wear it. Women have protested by protesting from place to place.

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