kadai ezhu vallalgal-the last seven philanthropists in the history of tamil is being described in this article

kadai ezhu vallalgal-the last seven philanthropists in the history of tamil is being described in this article
kadai ezhu vallalgal-the last seven philanthropists in the history of tamil is being described in this article

kadai ezhu vallalgal-Vallals think of the welfare of others without thinking of anything for themselves. Valalal’s character is to give away whatever gold or material he has without a second thought. Among the vallals who lived like that, the seven vallals namely Began, Pari, Kari, Ai, Athikan, Nalli and Ori are mentioned in ancient Tamil literature. It is mentioned in the Surupanaertupe the pride of the seven Vallals that Nalliya Godan alone does the gift they did on this day.

1. Pagan

He is the leader of the people of Awaiyar village living in the Palani mountain area. While he was walking on the rainy mountain road, he saw the black clouds and the peacock, thinking that it was shivering in the cold, wrapped his blanket over it. Thus he was called Valalal Pagan who gave blanket to the peacock.

2. Barry

He was the king who ruled the Parambu Hill region. When he was traveling on the Nagamalai route of the Parambu Hill region, he stopped his chariot near the flag to fly the thorn flag that was swinging without a line to fly. Hence he was named Pari, the charioteer of Mullai. Avvaiyar has also sung a Sangam song in praise of this valla.

3. Kari

This king used to amuse himself by cutting down his enemies with the sword in his hand, so that his sword always glowed red, but he gave white haired horses as a gift to those who came to seek him and asked him. Nallur Nattathanar has sung in the Sirupanath Band.

4. Ay

He was a small land king who conquered the hills and lands in the Bodhikai hill region. When he is happy, he is seen with sandalwood on his chest, and when he is sad, he wields a bow and arrow. Seeing that the statue of South Face God in the courtyard was not clothed, he was happy to wrap the statue of the blue dragon, which is available to anyone. And he gave material to those who came asking for material, saying no. Praised as.

kadai ezhu valalgal

5. Adhyaman

Athiyaman, who conquered the country of Tagadur, and who spent a large part of his reign in war, will understand if we read his history. There is no one who can beat him in fencing. He is a great laugher. He found a rare gooseberry ripe in Pooncharal rain region. It is like an elixir of death. He gave it to her without eating it and made her live for a long time. As a result, he was hailed by everyone as Athiyaman, who was blessed with gooseberry.

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6. Nalli

The hill area called Ivan Nedungod hill ridge is now known as Utagai. The leader of this hill area, Ivan is famous for providing all the things needed for the life of the hill rich people as well as standing with his hands in front of the battle line.

7. Ori

Val Vil Ori from the hill country, who was victorious in the battlefield and became famous, came to fight on the Kari horse and when he defeated him in the war, he was praised as a great valalal by giving the Kari’s short drum as a gift to the Panars of Jaffa who sang in praise of his war victory.

kadai ezhu valalgal

Even though so many people have lived and disappeared in the earth as vallals, if we still respect them as the last seven vallals, it is because of the virtues that those vallals possessed, such as loving life, appreciating the artist, and worshiping the night.

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