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The partner living together in the live-in was strangled to death. The partner who lived together in the live-in was strangled to death

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In the case of GNM’s murder in Jodhpur’s Umaid Hospital, it came to light that she used to interrupt her partner living in live-in for drugs. Even on the day of the murder, when he interrupted his partner, he slit his throat in anger, on which he died.

Her partner Harish Mali, who was living together in the live-in, told the police during interrogation that Sarita did not like his drug habit. On that day he had drank alcohol along with smoking in the house itself. When Sarita came home from duty, she interrupted her as soon as the smell came. When Sarita got angry on Harish, Harish slammed Sarita on the bed and strangled her. Sarita hurried but Harish did not let go of his throat in anger, but when he died, Harish realized that he had killed her.

To call the murder a suicide, he tied a part of Sarita’s dupatta around the neck and cut the other part in half and tied it to the fan. And informed the police about committing suicide. The police picked up the body from the spot and kept it in the mortuary, but the police also suspected murder and the post-mortem report revealed that it was murder. The police arrested the accused. Which was sent to judicial custody on Saturday.

GNM Sarita (30), living in live-in, was posted at Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur. When she returned home on September 7, her boyfriend Harish Mali (38) was under the influence of alcohol. Police said that during this time there was a dispute between the two over some issue. The matter escalated so much that Harish strangled Sarita to death. To escape from the police, he made up a false suicide story. On September 8, a case of suicide was registered. On September 14, the post-mortem report revealed. After this, on September 15, at the behest of the police, Sarita’s father lodged a case of murder in Shastrinagar police station and arrested the accused on 16th. 17 have been sent to judicial custody.

the police suspected

When the police reached the spot, Sarita’s body was lying on the bed. Harish told that he lowered the dead body by cutting the chunni. But Sarita was overweight, so the police got suspicious. It seemed impossible to commit suicide by hanging from a small dupatta. The police was keeping a constant eye on the accused. When the post-mortem report revealed the accused was immediately apprehended.

Sarita was happy being pregnant

During interrogation of the accused, it came to light that Sarita had become pregnant in July. She was happy about this too. But she was depressed due to miscarriage. His not being able to become a mother was starting to hurt him. And she used to get angry over the smallest things. In such a situation, the quarrel between Harish and Sarita had increased.

Accused Harish.

used to work on e friend

Accused Harish used to work in Jhalawar as well as being the driver of Sarita’s father. He had no work since coming to Jodhpur. Due to the habit of alcohol, he was drunk throughout the day. Sarita did not like his intoxication at all. Due to this, both of them often got tensed. And the same thing happened that day.

Married 4 years ago, in live-in with father’s driver

The SHO told that Sarita was a resident of Jhalawar. Four years ago, she was married to a young man named Vaibhav Agarwal. It was revealed that both of them had a love marriage, but later it was arranged. Sarita left her husband after a month of marriage. In July 2022, she came to Jodhpur and started living in Milk Man Colony of Shastri Nagar police station. Harish also came and started living with him. Both were living here in live-in.

Live-in partner murdered GNM in Jodhpur: left husband after a month of marriage, both lived in Jhalawar

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