‘I can wait for her if she’s not with me today… I’ll sit here’: Father’s bed… heartbroken family

‘I can wait for her if she’s not with me today… I’ll sit here’: Father’s bed… heartbroken family
‘I can wait for her if she’s not with me today… I’ll sit here’: Father’s bed… heartbroken family

Abhirami was the wing of hope of that family. She left halfway through her dreams of becoming an officer in the Air Force and helping her father and mother. That last journey became the cry of the whole country. Daughter’s body Kollam Govt. Ajikumar sat in Tinna next to the main door of the house early in the morning, hours before it was taken for post-mortem at the Medical College Hospital Mortuary.

He did not enter the house. In the evening, Ajikumar always waits for his daughter who leaves college in the same place. ‘Can I wait for her today, I will sit here…’ Relatives and locals stood there not knowing what to say in front of the crying. Meanwhile, Aji Kumar spoke to himself. He folded his hands and cried. When the dead body was brought home, he hugged the pillar in Tinna and cried. Those who came there had no words to console Ajikumar and Shalini.

Since the incident came to know, locals and relatives started coming to Aji Bhavan. At first no one believed that their own king had left. Shalini was brought to the hospital in the afternoon after crying and exhausted. Grandfather Sasidharan Achari and grandmother Shantamma were in the rooms. Sasidharan cutting hair and giving medicine was Abhirami. When the body reached home, the grief overflowed. A huge crowd had come to catch a glimpse of Abhirami. The classmates were worried that they would not be able to see their dear Abhi anymore. Sasidharan Achari was in the inner room watching the pyre burning with tears.

Abhirami got A plus in all subjects in SSLC and after completing his undergraduate degree, he joined Chengannur Eramallikara Sri Ayyappa College for BSc Computer Science to get a good job and settle the family’s problems. Because of that, she had many dreams. Finally, she was crushed when the bank’s foreclosure notices were planted in the yard in huge letters of shame, and she sheltered death from the wailing faces of her helpless parents.

The candy and pen brought by the father were held close to the lifeless body, and the loved ones screamed and cried.

The protest erupted

Kollam – Various organizations staged a protest in front of the Pataram Kerala Bank branch, alleging that they were responsible for Abhirami’s death. Yesterday was a bank holiday. The bank’s failure to explain Abhirami’s death also led to protests. In the morning, BJP led a protest in front of Patharam Bank. The BJP accused Kerala Bank of behaving like a hanging executioner. They said that the strike will continue until further action is taken.

Locals stopped the vehicle that came with the dead body at 2 pm in Ostamuk. The locals demanded that the dead body should be displayed in front of the bank and protested. At 2:30 p.m. Pataram was placed for public viewing in front of the Kerala Bank branch. Locals raised slogans against the bank. Patharam Junction is filled with grief and protest.

Favorite of friends

Shastamkota ∙ The classmates and friends of Chengannur Sri Ayyappa College, who was active in studies and extra-curricular activities, could not bear the sudden demise of her friend.

Seeing the lifeless body of Abhirami, who had interacted with everyone with confidence, the classmates cried out, unable to bear the grief. Some of the closest friends fainted. Friends said that despite the troubles at home, Abhirami did not lose focus on her studies.

Take this, sir!

Kollam ∙ ‘Take it here sir. I currently have nothing to repay. This is the house built for her. Why would we have this house without her? Confiscate it.’ Abhirami’s father, who took his own life because of the confiscation board, said this with tears in his hands to Finance Minister KN Balagopal who came home. Abhirami’s pyre started burning nearby. Worked abroad. The installments were not paid. Lost job due to covid. But held on there. In March, I paid one and a half lakh rupees to the bank. The money was spent on the treatment of father and wife. This was said in the bank. He asked slowly for a few days. did not give If I had, my daughter would not have gone.’ – Aji Kumar said.

Attention Public!

Kollam ∙ Shuranad Aji Bhawanam The title on the board in front of the house is ‘For the attention of the public’. And the last lines that trespassing is punishable. This is the reason why the locals protested. The locals had asked the bank officials who came to install the board on Tuesday to give them two more days. They said they can pay the money even though we have collected it. But the board did not listen to it. They ask why such a board is for public attention. The authorities are not listening to the public. They do not understand their condition. The locals said that the authorities do not understand the mind of the owners when such a board is hung in front of the house.

Can you hide that board?

Kollam ∙ Aji Kumar and his family met the confiscation board when they returned home from their relative’s funeral. Abhirami had already started crying. The relatives were informed that they would come to the house to see the dying grandfather. In order not to see the confiscation board when they came, Abhirami asked Kamala Vilasam Prasanna, a neighbor, if he could cover the board with a cloth.

At first Abhirami asked to remove the board, but Aji Kumar was afraid that if it was removed, a case would be filed as it was a bank action. Prasannan said that Abhirami asked him later. Aji Kumar said that there is no need to hide, we can go to the bank and talk and settle it. Called the bank but the manager was not there. Both went to meet the manager in the evening. When Aji Kumar, who had forgotten to pick up his phone, returned home, there was a large crowd in the yard. Abhirami was shifted to the hospital then.

The incident came despite the aid announced by the government

Kollam: Abhirami committed suicide after a foreclosure notice was posted at his house, when the aid announced by the government was still in place. The government announced the One Time Settlement Scheme in August 2021. Its duration is till 30th of this month. In the order issued by the government, it was clearly stated that the one-time settlement scheme was announced to pay the dues ‘to provide relief to the borrowers whose life is difficult due to Covid’.

The bank went ahead with the foreclosure proceedings even though there was a proposal to give consideration to those who had lost their jobs and those who were sick during the Covid-19 period. Aji Kumar came from abroad after losing his job last month. Aji Kumar says that he had paid the dues of Rs.1.5 lakh in the bank in March. A loan of Rs 10 lakh was taken. The 100-day one-time settlement scheme announced by the Kerala Bank had passed 65 days yesterday. The Kerala Bank officials explained that the Reserve Bank has instructed that the debt should be less than 10 percent and strict action should be taken to collect the arrears. At present, bad debt is 20 percent.

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