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Published on : 22 September 2022, 5:40 am




Body found in Panchganga river
Kolhapur: A dead body was found in Panchganga river ghat area this morning. Police identified him. His name is Subhash Jothiram Satpute (age 52, Jawaharnagar locality). The police said that a report was made at the Karveer police station.

Death of two hanged
Kolhapur: Two people who hanged themselves died. A woman who hanged herself from a window sill died in Sambhajinagar Padalkar Vasahat area last night. Her name is Satabai Janardhan Patil (age 42). A report was made in this regard at Juna Rajwada Police Station. Meanwhile, Hambirrao Ananda Patil (Marli, Panhala) hanged himself from the angle of the parking shed in the farm today. He died before being treated with CPR. The police said that this was reported at the CPR post.

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