Subash Ottumpuram Novel for Children ‘Ekantha Naavikan’-Chapter 7


Rebecca felt like running back when Arthur Wooded held out his hand. Because there’s no way the guy who sent the bot message two hundred years ago is still alive. So how does he become Arthur Wood? Who is he really? Is it a ghost? Or evil witch?

She paddled through the snow with all her might. Looked back several times. All the while he was staring at her like a statue.

Somehow Rebecca made it home. Even when she got home, her tremors did not go away. Seeing her shivering in fear, Mamma said, “Isn’t she shivering like this since she came out in the cold?”

She thought of telling everything to papa and mamma. Then he said no. Poor papa has a lot of work already. Meanwhile, it is not right to bother about this. Moreover, what if all this is his feeling?

He would probably be of this generation of that sailor. When she thought about it, she felt sad. But when he saw the same figure in his dream, it was as if something was wrong somewhere. And the unusual snowfall for a few days also made her uncomfortable.

Anyway, she decided not to tell anyone now. He must find out who he really is. We also want to know if there is any connection between him and the snowfall in Vazhakatheru. Can he do it alone? Call someone for help? She couldn’t make up her mind. She did not go out on any of the following days. Whenever her friends invited her to go skiing, she refused with excuses.

One day, I heard a noise from the road while I was standing in the sitting room watching the snow fall. Mamma called her loudly. She quickly ran to the yard, thinking that someone might be in danger.

“What about mom?” she asked.

Mamma pointed to the road.

What she saw there not only amazed her but also made her extremely happy. Because it had been a long time since she had seen the birds. And birds that I never thought I would see in my life.

The road was full of penguins. Large group of penguins. Their shrill and swaggering behavior was good fun. People gathered on both sides of the road to see that rare sight. Rebecca went into the room for a single run and retrieved the camera. She took many photos and videos of the penguins.

The penguins who were walking lazily stopped suddenly. Then he turned his head to the west. Rebecca felt something strange about their behavior. She watched their movements. Suddenly the penguins started running with loud noises. It was as if he was afraid of something. Rebecca’s mind told her that something was about to happen. And so it happened.

The snow fell heavily. A strong wind started blowing. People all ran to their homes. The wind blew the snow up like sand. The vision became so blurred that I could not see even the near. People ran around and bumped into each other. Their screams were drowned out by the blizzard.

Rebecca heard a child crying from nearby. She was in front of the gate of the house.

“Hurry up, honey.” Mama shouted from the sitting room of the house.

She did not enter the house. Instead, he ran towards the screams. She could not see anything in the heavy snow. Only the baby’s cry was heard. As Tappi stopped walking, something stopped her leg. That was the child.

She took the baby. By that time, the snow rose like a wave and fell beside them. Rebecca was worried about where to go. For a moment, she remembered the sailors lost in the sea. At that moment, a figure came towards her from the snow. The figure reached out to her. She held on to that hand.

“Don’t be afraid. This damn wind will end now.” He said.

They both curled up inside his coat. After some time, the wind slowly receded. The snow was thin. He stood up. Rebecca saw the snow piled up all around. She examined the baby. There was nothing wrong with the baby, it was a boy. He will be five years old.

She was surprised when she looked at his face with relief!
It was him… Arthur Woodd!

This time she felt no fear. Instead, I felt shame. He behaved rudely to the person he came to meet. What will mom and dad think about this?

Arthur Wood held out his hand to her. She held her hand and shook it slowly.

“Thanks.” She said hesitantly.

He laughed.

“I came to tell you this. But you were afraid.”

She kept her head down.

She wanted to ask him many things. Who is he really? What is the secret of this snow? And so many more. But by that time, the child’s father and mother were seen running from a distance. The gate opened and her mother came running screaming. He quickly walked away without saying anything and disappeared somewhere.

to be continued

The article is in Malayalam

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