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Tulsi revealed the employee’s secret in front of Samrat.. Tulsi as the new general manager!

Intinti Gruhalakshmi: The TV serial Intinti Gruhalakshmi continues with a good concept. Let’s know the highlights of this serial which is being aired with the concept of a woman who separates from her husband and fights alone for her family…

At the beginning of today’s episode… Samrat’s manager Rao says he will get a phone call and goes out. Then Lasya, I am thinking about it and we want to buy a house near your house sir, Lucky and Hani will be close then Samrat says, I have this idea but will it be far from the office. Lasya says Samrat, we will take care of it. At the same time Tulsi goes out saying that she got a phone call.

Then Rao said to someone, “I believe that I am the one who gave the property papers to Samrat. They will close their eyes and sign. I will see to it that your work is done anyway.” Tulsi hears all these words. Tulsi says that you have heard everything, tell me what you have to say, I am not afraid, if Samrat comes to know about this, then your life will be in danger, you don’t know my circle, you don’t even show fear in your words, Tulsi says you are doing wrong. Why is a first-time thief afraid but a daily thief? Rao says do whatever you want to do. After that Tulsi stops while giving those files to Samrat, this is not your file Tulsi garu says wait Samrat means wait Samrat garu Rao takes the phone and opens the recording in it Tulsi hears everything.

Then Samrat will not believe you in anger. He curses and says call the police if you betray me. Then Rao gets scared, then Tulsi, didn’t you tell Samrat that if you tell him the truth, he will kill me? Police say no madam says stop my daughter’s marriage. Then Lasya asks Seethamma to protect her from Ramayya and asks Nandu to see how they are pretending. Then Tulsi, why do you sacrifice your daughter for the sin of Vedu, it is a sin that the marriage did not happen and you can even try to commit suicide, Tulsi says that I am leaving him because I will never see him again in my life, Samrat will send him away. will be

Samrat says that now you need a manager for your work, so let’s think about it, let’s hire someone who has good faith. Then Lasya says, there are many trustworthy people around you. In her mind, she thinks that Nandu will surely get that position. Then Samrat walla babai. , why take a decision now, take some time and tell me that there is nothing wrong with Lasya and Samrat taking decisions immediately. It says that a good decision will be taken. Samrat thinks for a while and says I have come to a decision, I will say it in front of everyone, not here.

When they asked me what was the matter, I chose the general manager post and they were very reliable. Nandagopal garu hopes that you will come and stand aside, i.e. do Lasya Nanduni, but Samrat tells Tulsi’s name. Lasya and Nandulu are surprised. Samrat then said to Tulsi, “You have taken a good decision, you have taken a good decision, you also sit down, you don’t understand, Baba, he is making jokes.” She says why did you do such a big job by me who is uneducated. Then Lasya says Tulsi, you have told the truth, you know what your qualification is, it is not a suitable job for you. Then Samrat, it is not good for you to think less of yourself Tulsi garu. He says I know about you that you can do anything if you learn.

Then Abhi said, Why does my mother want to go to work? What is my mother entitled to? If you want reliable people around you, there is no one else, right? Those who are much wiser than mother take care of all the work.My mother has the qualifications that he lacks. She could not manage at least one laundry business properly. Such a thing is a part of a business that has a turnover of crores and crores! Tulsi is very sad that she can give the same to Nandagopal. Then Samrat, why do you think so. It’s great that you got the chance now with all the qualifications my old manager made a mistake.

Now I want a man with qualifications not a man with conviction. And when I came near Nandagopal, I did not get a chance to know more about Nandagopal. I am not completely satisfied with everything he said. I have complete faith in Tulsi’s case, she will not make any mistake. Samrat says that I am giving you a chance, Tulsi garu is still your choice. Also everyone in the house says I like them, we agree. Then Tulsi says ok since you all agree then I will agree. Then they will all be very happy at home. But Nandu, Lasya and Abhi’s faces change. Then honey goes and asks me to make payasam.

They are all happy at home. But Nandu’s Lasyas come out of the house. Then Lasya says to Nandu, see how many disguises like Tulsi Dasavatar, now she has also started disguised as a new manager. Then Nandu says, I am resigning from the job now, I can’t go back to her madam madam. Then Lasya says Nandu if we want jobs we must not be like this. Then Nandu, you understand that Lasya and Tulsi’s ex-husband are angry at him for bringing up the matter. He says that I can’t stay there anymore. Lasya says that now we have nothing in our hands so we have to endure if we want to have jobs, if not here we can’t even do the job of picking grass so we have to keep our heads down and work. This ends the episode. We have to wait till tomorrow to know what happened in the next part!

The article is in Telugu

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