Don’t forget these two things daily! |

Don’t forget these two things daily! |
Don’t forget these two things daily! |

One should worship mother in life. We should worship the Creator. Both have the same name. “Mother”, however, has a difference in meaning.

It is said that the Lord created the mother because He cannot be everywhere as a companion to everyone. A mother’s love is more beautiful than a newly blossomed flower. If a woman attains motherhood and gives birth to a child, she is called a ‘birth mother’. (Giving birth to child) is called.

She became instrumental in getting that child. However, her specialty is indescribable. In other words, through her the child was born into this world. But, through that mother, we call him Creator because the Creator is the Lord who gave birth to that child. That is why, in our religious tradition, Mother was celebrated as God. They celebrated God as Mother.

The first mantra is “Mathrudevo Bhava”. Whoever takes care of his mother till the end, he gets the grace of God. Heaven is under their feet. Perhaps, even if they can’t go to the temple, it is a fact that the vision of the deity visits their home. A man spent his great wealth and gave alms to a thousand people.

The town adored him. But, a person familiar with the details said. “He did a good thing. However, he neglected his mother. He abandoned his birth mother at home without taking care of her. Now, no matter how much charity he does, it is of no use.”

How can one seek virtue after committing an unrepentant sin? If you lose somewhere and search somewhere, what will you get? That is the truth. Dharma is subtle. Motherhood is a penance. The child is crying. The urge to breastfeed is instinctive to every mother.

Mothers do not give milk to their babies just for nourishment. She hugs her breast while breastfeeding. Then the child gets two things. One comes from a mother’s compassion, a gentle caress. The feeling of mother’s safety as a bulwark gives psychological comfort to the child.

No matter how late she comes, she keeps food for herself at home and waits without eating. Because one has faith in being a mother, she roams around and waits for knocks on the door at 11 at night and is hungry. Not only food is served there. Love is also exchanged. No matter how great the wrongdoer, one is not deprived of a mother’s mercy. If one in a thousand doesn’t get that, they’re unlucky.

The biggest thing to realize here is that we should be lucky for our children as our mother is lucky for us. “There should be a reputation of how they got such a child, but there should be no blame of why they got such a child.”

Dasaratha waited for countless years to get Rama. He performed many great sacrifices. Rama is the son born from penance. Dasaratha became proud to have Rama as his son. When we are born, what we are born with is a gift. Blackness and blackness. This
A rare innate relationship is that of mother. The mother who gave that mother is the Lord.

Eason in Trichy is also known as Thayumanavan. As he showed the love and duty of motherhood to Dharani himself, he is called Thayumanavan. When the daughter is throbbing in labor pains, when the Cauvery floods, when the mother does not come at the appointed time, Eason is praised as the mother because he is the one who watched the birth from close to the woman, more than the mother.

That is, the Lord who is the mother is the mother. It is the practice of devotees to offer blessings to the mother to have a child and to have a healthy delivery. On the basis that the family should survive as a banana, the banana is worshiped in the sanctum sanctorum and then given as prasad.

Here Matwarkuzali Ambal is in a solitary sanctum. It is believed that if someone from the pregnant woman’s house comes and offers 21 curds, 21 appams to this Ambigai, ties turmeric, saffron and betel leaves in a cloth and worships it, it will lead to a healthy delivery. A 5-day festival is held at the Tiruchi Thayumanavar Temple, where the girl was treated by medicine.

If in this birth, a mother shows great care and compassion to a living being brought up by the relationship of a son, how can the Lord, the mother of all living beings, all births, and all worlds, save everything with compassion? Isn’t that mother of all mothers?

If one wants to achieve all kinds of good in life, he has to do two things. It doesn’t even matter if you have to do two things. How to do those two things is important.

1) Every day in the morning one should worship the birth mother.

2) Go to the pooja room and worship the Lord. But it is very important in what spirit to worship.

1) When worshiping the birth mother should be worshiped as God.

2) When worshiping the Lord in the puja room, one should worship the Lord as a mother.

Just try this. You will experience the noble moments of life.

Compiled by: Tejaswi

The article is in Tamil

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