Why is this year’s General Assembly of the United Nations important? What will the world leaders decide about Ukraine-Russia?

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Due to the covid epidemic, the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly could not be held for the last two years.

But this year, the annual session of this General Assembly has been organized and the leaders and representatives of many countries around the world will participate in this session.

Every year in September, this convention is organized at the headquarters of the United Nations. In this convention, which lasts for two consecutive weeks, speeches of heads and representatives of various countries are held for 5 days.

The United Nations was established in 1945. At that time there were total 193 member countries in this organization. These countries have full membership status. There are two countries which are not members. These two countries are The Holy See (Papal territory) and Palestine.

A total of 193 countries are represented in the United Nations General Assembly.

Exactly what issues will be addressed in the Mahasabha?

In this 77th session of the General Assembly, many countries including India will raise the issue of growing terrorism. It is also predicted that there will be a strong discussion on the issue of reforming the United Nations.

The 77th session of the General Assembly began on September 21 with the theme “A Watershed Moment: Transformative Solutions to Interlocking Challenges”.

There are many reasons for choosing this theme. The United Nations is going through a tough time right now. In this, many complex challenges are facing the world such as Covid epidemic, Russia Ukraine war and unprecedented man-made challenges, large-scale air pollution, crisis in the global economy.

Therefore, it is necessary to find solutions to these problems to create a better and sustainable world for the coming generations.

The United Nations feels that even today people are losing their lives due to the covid epidemic. Due to the effect of this on the economy, one has to face the financial loss as well. Similarly, recovery of the global economy has also become difficult. Therefore, there is a possibility that the issue of ending the covid epidemic will also be discussed in this General Assembly.

During the session, the global food crisis will also be discussed. The United Nations had signed an agreement in 2015. Under that agreement, 17 goals were set for the sustainable development of the world by 2030. This objective was applicable to all countries around the world.

The convention has been organized on the theme of Sustainable Development Goals. But many things are happening all over the world which result in increasing inflation. And thus working on the issue of sustainable development has become a challenge for most developing countries.

Also, a summit on ‘Transferring Education’ is being organized under the chairmanship of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, keeping the goals of sustainable development in front.

The United Nations, while expressing its opinion on the issue of education, has said that there is currently an educational crisis in the world. In this summit, an attempt will be made to find out the measures to be taken to compensate for the educational losses that have occurred during the covid pandemic.

A resolution on the rights of religious, cultural and linguistic minorities was passed in the United Nations 30 years ago. A high-level meeting has been held during the session to mark the 30th anniversary of this resolution.

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United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres

In addition, a high-level meeting has been organized to find solutions to the problems that climate change has created around the world and to prevent the severity of climate change.

In this meeting, how efforts can be made at the international level will be discussed. Also, like Salabad, this year also all countries will take a pledge to eliminate nuclear weapons.

What are the likely headlines this week?

Similarly, after coming out of the General Assembly, many heads of state meet each other. And it is likely to make headlines.

This time, however, all eyes are on the Ukraine war and the role of Russia and the Western countries. The United States itself has rejected the possibility of a meeting between the United States and Russia during this session of the United Nations.

How does it actually work?

If you look at it like that, the election of the president of the United Nations is decided every year. This year Saba Korosi of Hungary has been elected as the President of the 77th General Assembly.

Now the sequence of speeches is also fixed in this session of the General Assembly. In this, many factors like the level of the leaders of that country, population, geographical location of the country are taken into consideration.

Each speaker is allotted 15 minutes. He has to end his speech with this. But some leaders’ speeches are long. Some leaders give speeches for hours. In 1960, Cuban President Fidel Castro gave a speech for four and a half hours.

Which countries will be present this time?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will not be present at the session but will address the assembly via video. But Russia has objected to this. Anyway, a resolution has been approved in the United Nations that Zelensky’s recorded speech will be played at the convention.

United Nations

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Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be present at the convention, but Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Levrav will be. 56 people were to come for this convention with Sergey. But only 24 people have been granted visa at that time.

An important point in this is that a “Headquarters Agreement” was signed in the United Nations in 1947. Accordingly, if any foreign ambassador or representative wants to attend the United Nations meeting, the US cannot be stopped. But the US says that we can deny visas citing reasons related to security, terrorism and foreign policy.

Everyone will be watching what the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss and French President Emmanuel Macron say in this session.

Chinese President Xi Jinping will not attend the convention.

What did the President of the United States say?

US President Joe Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday. Attacking Russia, he said, “Russian President Vladimir Putin has brazenly violated the Charter of the United Nations by attacking Ukraine.

Biden added that it appears that Russia wants to end the existence of Ukraine. They have shown their intention by attacking schools, railway stations and hospitals there.

On the issue of nuclear war, he said that Putin has threatened nuclear war without showing any responsibility. But a nuclear war is simply impossible to win, so it is best avoided.”

Biden also raised the issue of Taiwan and China. He said that America accepts the One China policy. But when it comes to Taiwan, America’s policy is the same. He has also made it clear that the US will oppose any change in the situation from any side. Biden has repeatedly said that America will help Taiwan if China attacks Taiwan.

Who is present on behalf of India?

Last time Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi participated in this convention. But in this year’s session, India’s Minister of External Affairs S. Jaishankar will be present.

He will also address this convention on September 24. The progress of India’s economy is likely to be mentioned in his speech this time. India’s economy has overtaken Britain to become the fifth largest economy in the world.

Apart from this, he is also likely to mention India’s contribution in fighting global challenges in his speech. During the time of Covid, India had supplied vaccines to many countries around the world.

The Prime Minister of India will not be present in this session. There is no official response regarding this yet. But looking at the history of the past several years, the Prime Minister of India attends the United Nations Convention.

Shahbaz Sharif

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The United Nations Security Council meeting will be held in December this year. The Prime Minister of India will attend this meeting and India will chair the meeting.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has so far attended the United Nations four times. But due to the covid epidemic in 2020, Modi recorded a video and gave a speech.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit was held last week. This conference was held in Samarkand. Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in this conference on behalf of India.

During this time, he discussed the Ukraine issue with Russian President Putin and publicly advised Russia. India’s role was discussed in American media and political circles. But it is being said that India is not taking a tough stance against Russia even today.

Pakistan will also participate in this convention and Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif will be present. He will address the convention on September 23.

Afghanistan is not included in the list of speeches this year. They have been excluded from this list since the Taliban established power in Afghanistan.

Many stories have been told in the General Assembly before…

There are some interesting stories happening in this United Nations convention held every year. In 2017, US President Donald Trump was addressing the session of the General Assembly. “Rocketman is on his own suicide mission,” he said, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In 2006, then Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was giving a speech. During his speech, the then US President George W. Bush was referred to as “The Devil”. Pointing further to the podium, he said, “Look, there’s still a smell of sulphur.”

In 1977, India’s Foreign Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee participated in this convention. He had grabbed everyone’s attention by giving a speech in Hindi.

Today almost two decades have passed, but the dispute between India and Pakistan is decided in this convention held every year. Pakistan takes up the issue of Kashmir while India says that Kashmir is an internal issue. And it is not appropriate to raise this issue in the United Nations. Apart from this, India accuses Pakistan of fueling terrorism.

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