These three are earning lakhs of rupees by traveling by train

  • Sherrilan Monan
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September 23, 2022, 18:37 IST

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photo source, Himanshu Yadav

You see a video of the train leaving the station. Rameswaram is written on a yellow board on the side. It gives you the uniform of a train departing from a corner of India.

Then you see a beautiful green. Then the sea can be seen from the window, while this is happening shopkeepers are seen selling tea samosas. People are seen chatting. Sometimes a washroom is seen and sometimes two people are seen fighting.

By the time all this is going on you have reached your station. The name of the station is Chennai. You get to do this 10-hour journey in just a 13-minute video.

22-year-old Himanshu Yadav has made many such videos on Indian Railways.

Indian Railways is the largest railway service in Asia. Railways, ranked fourth in the world, is a public transport system affordable to all Indians.

Indian Railways carries 1.3 crore passengers daily. Vloggers are doing the work of recording this entire journey on camera. The BBC spoke to the vlogger. Their aim is to generate more interest in Indian Railways. Some vloggers show how the journey is enjoyable while some vloggers also show the difficulties faced by the travelers.

Akshay Malhotra is one of them. He shows how comfortable Indian Railways can be in a one-minute vlog on Instagram.

A 25-year-old software engineer, Akshay shoots reels on some of India’s highest quality and long-haul passenger trains. Then upload this video to Instagram account.

His handle @JourneyswithAK has gained 13,5000 followers in just six months. He uploads a large part of this video on his YouTube channel.

His videos feature glass boxes, dining cars, air-conditioned compartments. He also tells about the food and toilets available in the train. He also comments on blankets and pillows. He also tries to tip people who are traveling with pets.

photo source, Akshay Malhotra

photo caption,

Akshay Malhotra

Akshay does the entire journey with his own money. The cost of this ticket is around 8,000. But Akshay is not worried about the cost. “Traveling by train is often about seeing and learning something new. Be it a person, a road or a place,” he says.

However, 25-year-old Vishwajit Singh has carved a different path. It shows how rail travel is for the lower middle class.

His YouTube channel VS Monu Vlog has 88,5000 subscribers. He travels in a coach in which the fares are lower. There are less facilities but more number of passengers.

Vishwajit is from a small village in Bihar. He started making these videos five years ago. Vishwajit is known for showing the truth and exposing scams in the railways.

In his videos, he depicts whether the train leaves on time, whether the waiting room, berths, bathrooms are clean or not. He also reviews the price and quality of food. Also communicates with other passengers and railway people.

People thank him for showing the true condition of railways. They also ask him questions about ticket prices and quality of food, and also share their experiences. People also urge people who have had bad experiences before to travel in the train.

VS Manu

photo source, VS Monu

His videos are very popular on YouTube. He has also received a silver button and some sponsorships. But he says that this popularity is a double-edged sword. “Many railway people know me now. So they are very careful when I am on the train,” he says.

Himanshu Yadav runs a channel called Train lovers HY and has 1,65,000 subscribers. All its emphasis is on providing attractive content. Earlier this year he moved from Banihal to Baramullah. At that time the temperature was minus 5 degrees Celsius. He shot the scene from inside in an 11-minute video. It got millions of views.

Apart from capturing the beautiful places on camera, he also talks about the history of the train. E.g. Which is the longest bridge over sea or the longest tunnel of Indian Railways?

He quit his job last year and now earns over 1 lakh a month from YouTube ads and other stuff.

“I’ve loved trains since I was a kid,” he says.

“Railway travel always opens up many possibilities. I try to show what I feel about rail travel through my videos.

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