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Promise yesterday.. Practice today

Promise yesterday.. Practice today
Promise yesterday.. Practice today

September 24, 2022 / 02:59 AM IST

  • Minister KTR took steps to implement within 24 hours
  • The construction work of Ellavva house has started in Bausaipet
  • Collector Anurag Jayanthi took a special initiative

Sirisilla Town, September 23: Amatyadu KTR stands by the poor woman who is in trouble. She met the minister on Thursday and promised to build a double bedroom house for her, but also took steps to implement it within 24 hours. There are complete details. Ellavva from Bausaipet of Konaraopet mandal of Rajanna Sirisilla district met Minister KTR at the district collectorate office on Thursday. She said that her husband died in an accident a year ago.

She expressed the feeling that she is living a heavy life with only one child along with financial difficulties. The wall begged to give her a nest. The minister, who was moved to hear of Yellava’s plight, ordered the collector Anurag Jayanthi, who was there, to build a double-bedroom house for KTR. To this extent, the Collector took steps to construct a double bedroom house on her own land in Ellavva’s native village Bausaipet on Friday. District Revenue Officer Srinivasa Rao, Package-9 Executive Engineer Srinivas went to the field level and inspected the construction work of the house. On learning about the work, Minister KTR congratulated the collector by saying ‘Well done’ Anurag through Twitter. Netizens are appreciating the minister who took the initiative to provide a nest to a poor woman after she was in trouble.


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