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Teacher Harnam Singh will spend the money received in the Best Teachers Award on the education of needy children

Teacher Harnam Singh will spend the money received in the Best Teachers Award on the education of needy children
Teacher Harnam Singh will spend the money received in the Best Teachers Award on the education of needy children

Kalakot, Sanjay Sharma : The contribution of teachers is incomparable in making children a good citizen by giving good values, but if a teacher plays the role of a social worker, then it is icing on the cake. Teachers are innumerable only by profession, but in any case, even the poorest of the poor children are rarely found, who put body, mind and money to give education. One such social worker teacher is Harnam Singh of Kalakot.

It is inspiring for teachers who want to stay in city schools to do less effort. Harnam Singh became an inspiration to other teachers as well. He has put a donation box in his middle school padar. Every teacher puts some amount in it every day. In the year that money is spent on the education of needy children. They believe that people put money in the donation boxes of temples. This school is also a temple of learning. Putting a donation box here is also beneficial for the needy children.

Teacher Harnam Singh has been doing the work of educating poor children with his salary for years. For this he received the Best Teacher Award. Now he has made up his mind to spend the money received as this award in the education of poor children. Teacher Harnam Singh was recently awarded the Best Teacher Award on Teachers’ Day, in which he was presented with a silver medal by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, a certificate and Rs 50,000. But instead of cherishing it, he wants to spend it on the same children, due to whom he got this honor.

Harnam Singh said that out of fifty thousand rupees received in the award and fifty thousand rupees, one lakh rupees would be spent in the education and initiation of needy children. He told that he has deposited all the money in the bank and will continue to give books, bags, copies, pens etc. to the poor children according to their needs. Many children studying in the middle school, Padar of Education Zone Khawas, in which he is working, are from poor families and have taken this step to help such poor children. So that children do not face any problem in getting education and children can become bright by reading and writing.

Sweaters and shoes were given to poor children from their salary: Last year, when it snowed in Narla area and winter was at its peak, teacher Harnam Singh gave sweaters and shoes to 25 needy children of the school from his salary. His wife Surekha Devi had also contributed in this noble cause. Harnam Singh said that the total number of children in the school is around 70. Of these, 25 children are very poor and some are orphans. When such children were seen chilling during winter in school, they could not stop themselves from giving sweaters and shoes.

Harnam also did these works for the society

  • During the Kovid-19 epidemic, one month’s salary was given to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.
  • Along with the school premises, a play ground was constructed for the children to play.
  • A donation box was installed in the school, in which the teachers of the school put 20 to 50 rupees every day in the donation box for the betterment of the poor children and after a year, the money is spent on the education of the children by opening that donation box.
  • Apart from all this, teacher Harnam has installed six dining tables and 50 chairs from his salary for the children’s mid-day meal, lunch in the school so that the children can sit comfortably and have lunch.
  • By the way, they help the children in every way, who are poor, but are educated.

Harnaam’s awards so far

  • Recently, on Education Day, he was honored with the Best Teacher Award at the hands of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.
  • On the topic of innovation in education, Chhattisgarh Government Education Minister Premsai Singh has been honored by receiving the award from Tekam.
  • In the suggestions given in zero investment innovation in education, at the national level, Union Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal has also been honored with the National Award.
  • In addition to being honored with the Best Teacher Award from Director Education Anuradha Gupta, he has also received the award from Farooq Khan, who was a consultant in the state administration for running a campaign on cleanliness at the Panchayat level.

Edited By: Lokesh Chandra Mishra

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