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He killed her for the gold chain

Chodavaram town, Newstoday: A young man sacrificed his married life to get a three-tula gold chain. Pamula Bharti (38) of Venkannapalem village of Chodavaram mandal was arrested by the police within a day for brutally murdering him in the farm on Thursday. Anakapalli DSP B. Sunil disclosed the details of this case at the local police station on Friday. Those are the details. Bharti, wife of Pamula Venkatesh of Venkannapalem village, went alone to the farm in Gowada on Thursday. Jammala Gangadhar, who lives in the same street as Warunde, noticed this and asked her to give the three-tula gold chain around her neck. When she said she would not give it, the accused tried to grab it. This was opposed by the married woman. At that time, the accused killed him by cutting his neck with a grass cutter in the field. Later, he left with the chain around his neck and the earrings. Husband Venkatesh came to the farm in the evening and found his wife murdered. The DSP said that after a complaint was lodged with the police, rural CI Tatarao, SSI Yamuna and the staff went to the spot and conducted an investigation as per the orders of SP Gautami Sali. When the accused Gangadhar was detained and questioned, he admitted that he had killed Bharti. The gold articles from him were seized and the accused was sent to remand. With the help of CIs Tatarao, Srinivasa Rao, SS Yamuna, Buchcheyyapet SS Kumarswamy, they said that they solved the murder case in the shortest possible time.

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