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Father hacked to death: Two sons arrested- Dinamani

Father hacked to death: Two sons arrested- Dinamani
Father hacked to death: Two sons arrested- Dinamani

Police arrested two sons who killed their father in a family dispute near Thandarampatu in Tiruvannamalai district.

Sahadeva (57), a laborer from Kuperapatnam village next to Thanipadi in Thandampattu circle. His wife is Annakkili (47). This couple has 2 sons and 2 daughters. The couple’s youngest son Sakthivel got married in 2019. Within a month of marriage, his wife separated and went to her mother’s house.

From that day onwards, Shakthivel insisted to his parents that he should get married for the second time. This caused a dispute in the family. In this situation, Sakthivel asked his father Sahadeva to marry him as usual on Thursday evening and also to write the property in his name.

To this, Sahadeva said that he can get married only after 3 years. This led to a dispute between sons Manikandan, Sakthivel and father Sahadeva. The enraged sons Manikandan and Sakthivel killed their late father Sahadeva with a spade and a sickle. Father Sahadeva was seriously injured and died at the same place.

Thiruvannamalai Rural Deputy Superintendent of Police Ashwini, who was informed, rushed and seized Sahadeva’s body and sent it to Thiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital for autopsy. The police arrested the sons Manikandan (28) and Sakthivel (25).

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