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BTech student brutally killed in London

BTech student brutally killed in London
BTech student brutally killed in London

A body mutilated by a falling train

Sai Mohan Reddy with grandfather Shambhireddy (old picture)

Mellacheruvu, Huzurnagar, Newstoday: Wanted to make children’s lives beautiful. Sent to London for higher studies. But.. in the case of their son, their aspirations were shattered. Puttedu’s daughter, who was drowning in grief after the death of her father, collapsed when she got the news that her son was no more. This tragedy took place in London on Wednesday 21st of this month. Kavitha, daughter of Annapureddy Kanakareddy of Dondapadu, Chinthalapalem Mandal, Suryapet District, and Gujjala Sambhireddy, a resident of Vepalamadharam, Mellacheruvu Mandal, got married less than a year ago. They are running a printing press in Huzurnagar. Their daughter Swathi is M.Tech and son Sai Mohan Reddy (19) is studying in the final year of B.Tech in Birmingham, London. Both of them are staying with their uncle’s daughter Navya and her husband Ajay Reddy. After 2 months of college leave, they joined a part-time job. On the 21st of this month, Ajay Reddy and Navya left for work early in the morning. Sai dropped my sister at the office in the car and went home saying that she was depressed. In the evening, when Swati called his brother, the switch was off. Swati called Ajay Reddy about this and he came and took her home. Ajay, who was coming home from duty earlier, saw Sai on the road and told Runki that he would come later. Since then the phone is not working. Suspiciously, they searched the known areas and filed a complaint with the local police. The next day, Thursday, the police identified Saivi after showing him an unknown charwani, sandals and spectacles. After 5.30 in the evening the police told them about the accident that he was standing in front of the train and committed suicide. Accident scenes were shown. Sai’s body was dismembered when he fell under the train. On the 24th of this month, when Sai’s grandfather Gujjula Sambhireddy was going to conduct the Pedda Kharma at Vepalamadharam, the parents who were going to the program were heartbroken when they came to know about the accident. Mother Kavita has also prepared a visa to go to her son. On the 13th, it was postponed due to the death of father Sambhireddy. The young man’s uncle Konda Reddy spoke to Sai in Charavani on 19th. Konda Reddy told ‘Newstoday’ that although he found that he had spoken in a low voice at that time, he did not suspect that he would commit suicide. The couple and the relatives are worried that they don’t understand what is wrong with Sai. The news of the youth’s death caused grief in both the villages.

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