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Today’s almanac

25-01-2023, Tai 11, Wednesday, Chaturthi Tithi till 12.34 PM and then Varapirai Panchami. Pooratathi Nakshatra till 08.05 pm and then Uttarathi. Amrit Yoga till 08.05 pm then Siddha Yoga. Eye – 1. Life – 1/2. Monthly Chaturthi fast. Vasant Panchami. Ganesha worship is good. Charcoal day. Avoid new ventures. Iragu Kalam 12.00-1.30 PM, Ema Kandam 07.30-09.00 AM, Guligan Day 10.30-12.00, Suba Horai 06.00-07.00 AM, 09.00-10.00 AM, 1.30-2.00 PM, 04.00-05.00 PM, 07.00-12.00 PM, 12.00-19.00 PM


The arrival of close relatives today will increase the happiness in the family. It is better to be a little cautious in the attempts to start a new business. Extravagance can lead to extravagance. Official problems will be solved with the support of great people.


Children may get upset today. There will be an uneasy atmosphere in the family. There is a delay in reaping the fruits of labour. Since your rasi has Chandrashtamam till 2.29 p.m., you need to be calm in everything. After noon the problems will decrease.


Unnecessary problems may arise in the family today. There will be a hindrance in auspicious endeavors as your rasi has Chandrashtamam above 2.29 p.m. It is best to avoid borrowing or lending large sums of money by trusting others. Care must be taken when traveling.



Health will be better today. Problems in marital affairs will be removed. Children behave responsibly at home. There is yoga for buying gold. The meeting of friends brings happiness to the mind. Debt problems will reduce.



Today there will be sudden expenses in the family. Siblings may cause confusion. It is better to reduce luxury expenses. Expected bank loan for business development. Those who are employed will benefit. It is good to worship God.



There may be resentment with partners in business today. Unnecessary disagreements arise in the family. If you think and act on anything, you can succeed. Employees will get help and cooperation for business ventures.



Today you will do anything with courage and you will find success in it. Children will add pride to the family. There will be opportunities for employees to get a pay rise commensurate with their work. The intention of buying new things will be fulfilled.



Today there may be auspiciousness in the way of children. It is better to follow the family. If you think and act in the efforts you take for business development, there will be benefits. Good things will come. It is better to consider and accept business trips.



Joyful events will take place in the house today. You will be interested in buying new things. There will be good improvement in physical health. You will get profit with the cooperation of partners in business. Income will increase for officials.



Today your reserves will decrease due to unexpected expenses. It is better to think and act without hurrying in new ventures. Family members will be supportive. Adapting to co-workers can be beneficial.

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