China is also getting information from household items like laptop, fridge, microchips are installed in them. Spying in Britain through Chinese LED lights China is also getting information from household items like laptop, fridge, they have microchips

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  • Spying In Britain Through Chinese LED Lights China Is Also Getting Information From Household Items Like Laptop, Fridge, They Have Microchips

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China’s espionage network has spread so much in the world that it can get personal information of crores of people in countries like Britain in a pinch. For this, he has not hired spies, but household items like fridge, laptop, mobile phone or mixer-grinder are sufficient.

The Tish government has told after a long investigation that microchips are installed in Chinese household items, through which China keeps getting personal information. Not only this, the parts used in cars, which come from China, also have espionage chips.

The British government warned its citizens
The British government has alerted its ministers and citizens that the LED bulb installed in your house can also be a spying device of China. Therefore, it is not just a matter of privacy, but of national security.

Many UK universities have entered into technology-related agreements with Chinese companies. The British government is now beginning to feel that these Chinese companies are stealing information related to research from British universities. Most of these companies are also those who have been accused of espionage in African countries. Some companies which were banned are running under new names.

In 2018 some servers were found in the African Union building in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. China had created a digital network through which secret data and videos were transferred to the Chinese government.

Big concern because only 3 Chinese companies have 54% stake in the world’s technology market
The revelations of technology devices being used for espionage have worried the whole world. The biggest reason for this is that only 3 Chinese companies ‘Quectel’ ‘Fibocom’ and ‘China Mobile’ have achieved 54% share in the global market of electronics devices. 10 big laptop companies in the world use parts of these three companies. In the business related to connectivity, these three companies have acquired 75% market share in the world.

The important thing is that all three companies are under the control of the Chinese government. Big car companies like Tesla use the network of these three companies for connectivity.

Eye on key people and big institutions from 5G network
According to the British government, the spy chips embedded in Chinese goods are operating from the 5G network. These are connected to different servers in China. In these, data of prominent people, institutions and military activities of Britain is reaching. Most of the big companies in China are state owned. Especially telecom products are being made by government companies only. These products are not only sold in UK, they are sold in every country of the world.

Every information about military movement is being collected around the world.
It has also been told in this report of Britain that China had gathered information about the smallest movement of American weapons very easily. China had already gathered complete information about when, how much and how America is giving arms to Taiwan. Even before the arms supply arrived, Chinese fighter jets started flying around Taiwan. Warships were deployed.

Spying is also being done to know the feedback of the product
Corless Parton, who was a diplomat in China for 22 years, told that in any country where there is Chinese goods, there is a complete possibility of espionage. Because, China does not collect this information only for security matters, but it is also customer feedback for it.

These devices have been used for spying for decades
Laptops, voice controlled smart speakers, smart watches, smart energy meters, CCTV cameras, cameras used by police around the world, doorbell cameras, card payment machines, hot tubs, cars, etc. Despite all the revelations, the solution to this problem has not been found.

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