This is another level film, a thriller wrapped in satire, ‘Purusha Pretham’ Review: Purusha Pretham Movie Review & Rating

Purusha Pretham Movie Review & Rating: Director Krishanth starts ‘Purusha Pretham’ with Lars Kepler’s line ‘the dead teach the living’. Lars Kepler’s very words ‘Purush Pratham’ carries on its scales. This is the film that Krishanth is preparing after ‘Aavasavyuha’ which won many awards including the state award. ‘Purusha Pratham’, which deals in black humor, has started streaming on Sony Live.

Kochi is the story area of ​​the film. The film tells the story of a group of policemen in the city and some cases that entangle them. SI Sebastian (Alexander Prashant) aka Super Sebastian is the central character in the film. He is a policeman who likes to spice up stories of service heroics with a bit of spice and to be popular among people. There is also a policeman named Dileep (Jagadish) in that station as a confidant who believes Sebastian sir’s stories and gives them a heroic look.

The story begins where an unidentified body is found in the station premises. Sebastian and Dileep are not new to the discovery of unidentified dead bodies, the process behind them and the cremation. As usual, Dileep is responsible for the dead body. Since there is no place to store the dead body in the mortuary and no one came looking for it despite giving news in the newspaper, the body is being cremated after three days under the supervision of the police. However, the very next day, an expatriate woman named Susan (Darshan Rajendran) arrives at the station. Susan comes to see the news in the newspaper and suspects that the body may be that of her missing husband. With that, things are taking a different turn. The unidentified body becomes a headache for Sebastian and Dileep as things escalate into a fight between Susan and the police at one point.

Where Krishand’s Male Ghost differs is that it approaches some of life’s darkest situations in a fun, distinct narrative manner. The film proceeds in the nature of a thriller while maintaining satirical comedy. The director leaves the audience with the possibilities of approaching ‘Purush Pretha’ as a police story, a crime investigation film and a horror film.

Prashant Alexander, Jagadish and other actors in ‘Purusha Pretha’

It is not wrong to describe the male ghost as an image that speaks for unknown corpses. Because beyond the news of ‘unknown body found’ appearing in the newspaper, many people are not clear about what will happen to them later or what are the procedures to be followed after the body is found. Coming to the male ghost, the film also exposes some aspects of the law and our system that the general public is less familiar with. The film also shows how people are confused by the carelessness and failures that come into the system.

There is a history behind the name Purusha Pratham. The process of examining the dead body was once described by the police with the colonial expression of ghost examination. On November 15, 2022, the Ministry of Home Affairs ordered that the term ‘ghost inspection’ be replaced by the scientific term ‘inquest’.

‘Purusha Pretham’ is not only a theme but also a natural performance by the actors. Sebastian in Purusha Pretham is one of the best performances in the career of Alexander Prashanth, who has been in Malayalam cinema for more than two and a half decades with small and big roles. Prashant has played that character very effortlessly. Alexander Prashant is smashing as Super Sebastian. Recently, many police characters have come in search of Jagadish. But Dileep in Male Ghost is different from all those police characters. Jagadish has approached the role with a lot of determination. Darshan Rajendran’s Suzanne is a mysterious character from the very beginning. Devaki Rajendran’s character Sujatha also has a definite growth in the film. James Elia, Jio Baby, Shins Shaan, Rahul Rajagopal, Sreejith Babu, Sanju Sivaram, Mala Parvathy and Geethi Sangeeta are other notable faces in the film.

Purusha Pretham Trailer | Malayalam | Darshana & Krishand| Sony LIV | Streaming Now

The male ghost tells the story in a linear manner. But some of the approaches brought in the narration give the film a new futuristic feel. Manu Thodupuzha’s story is scripted by Ajith Haridas. The visuals and frames of the film will attract attention. Director Krishanth himself has done the cinematography of the film. The celebration of freedom of expression when the director and cinematographer are one can be seen throughout the film. The tone of green, red and neon lights that come and go in the interior scenes also gives a different visual experience. Suhail Bakar’s editing adds some depth to the film. Even if it is told as a fictional story, the newspaper cuttings that appear on the screen will leave an impact on the consciousness of the audience. Music composed by Ajmal Hasbullah. In one word, ‘Purusha Pretham’ is a film that excels at all levels like story, acting, camera, editing and music. If you are someone who wants to enjoy something different from the usual movies, then this movie will not disappoint you.

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