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Published on : 24 November 2022, 1:24 am




How whale vomit is made
Whales are of two types toothless and toothed. The vomit of a toothed sperm whale is considered valuable. In medical terms it is called ambergris. The whale’s favorite food is squid and shrimp. The beak-like part of the mouth of the shrimp and the hard part of the shell of the shrimp are not digested. That part of the whale overturns in the deep sea. It contains different types of chemicals. As this vomit floats on the waves for a long time, it becomes waxy. Its weight can be up to 50 kg.

Why is it so expensive?
Whale vomit is considered important in the perfume industry. The scent of perfumes made from this lasts for a long time. It has no harmful effect on health. This makes perfumes that use this ingredient as a natural ingredient very valuable. This perfume is also used in agar batti, incense, medicine industry. Naturally, it comes at a high price. Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri have come to light in recent times with attempted smuggling of vomit.

Season starts
It was timed to install an electric pump on the river on Diwali. Two feet of silt was deposited on the side of the motor. Had to find a way. Finally found the shaft and installed the motor. Now just add the connection and it’s done. Till the middle of July, these Rahatgadags will continue to run on and off from mobiles.

The article is in Marathi

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