Relatives killed parents and brother, treated as a servant from the age of two and a half Uma Devi Aka Tun Tun Unknown Facts Relatives Killed Parents And Brother, Kept Them As Servants From The Age Of Two And A Half Years

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In the early days of Bollywood, there were only male comedians in films. But then a fat girl started a new era of Hindi cinema by becoming a comedian. Her name was Uma Devi. This was actually his real name, known as Tuntun in the film industry. Dilip Kumar gave him this name. Sometimes Tuntun played the heroine’s girlfriend on the big screen, sometimes she made people laugh by being the hero’s sister. However, Tuntun’s real life was so painful that it is hard to imagine.

A series of struggles that began at the age of just two and a half years ended with his death at the age of 80 after battling an unknown illness. When she was two and a half years old, relatives killed her mother, father and brother for property. Orphaned Tuntuns stayed as maids in their own relatives’ homes. The situation was such that a relative who needed a maid for housework would be sent to that house. Years passed, times changed but the situation did not change.

One day fate took a turn and she ran away from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai to become a singer. Struggled, became a singer. The first song was also a chartbuster at that time. That song was Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon Dil-E-Bekarar. She gave many such hit songs, but later fate took a turn and she entered the acting field. There were both struggles and successes here.

Today is the 20th death anniversary of singer and comedian Tuntun. Read, the painful story of Hindi cinema’s first comedy queen…

His parents were killed when he was two and a half years old
Tuntun was born on 11 July 1923 in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. Her parents named her Umadevi Khatri. When Tuntun was only two and a half years old, one day his parents were killed to take over their land. After that she lived with her 9 year old brother Hari. Hari used to take care of them like a parent.

After the murder of her brother, she became a maid in a relative’s house
His brother was also killed for the same land when Tuntun was only 4 years old. Then Tuntun became an orphan. In such circumstances, they were released to their relatives’ homes. Relatives kept them, but they had to do all the household chores for two meals a day. Tuntun were treated like servants. That’s how she grew up. His childhood was spent in extreme poverty.

Partition separated the friend

Meanwhile, Tuntun had a meeting with Excise Officer Akhtar Abbas Qazi. Akhtar Abbas recognized Tuntun’s singing talent. It was he who advised Tuntun to become a singer. Tuntun sang well from the age of 14. His friendship with Akhtar did not last long and after partition, Akhtar Abbas Qazi moved to Pakistan.

Naushad was threatened after coming to Mumbai
Tuntun was tired of poverty and suffering from relatives. In such a situation, he had decided to sing in the film. So they left everything and fled to Mumbai. But they had no place to stay in Mumbai. She only knew musician Naushad. So they went to their house and started knocking loudly on the door. Naushad was scared to see a woman like this. As soon as he opened the door, Tuntun aka Uma Devi insisted on giving him a chance to sing songs in the film. Naushad did not agree to his demand, so Tuntun told him that if you don’t give me a chance to sing, I will commit suicide, as I have no other option. Tuntun’s words upset Naushad and asked him to sing. Naushad was impressed by Tuntun’s singing and gave him his first singing break. In fact, Tuntun did not learn to sing anywhere. But Naushad was happy that he still understood the song. “Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon Dil Bekarar Ka” was his first song that he sang.

The first song was a super hit
Tuntun’s first song became such a hit that he started getting offers to sing. The craze of his songs was seen a lot. Tuntun has sung 40 to 45 songs in films. Later, due to the arrival of singers Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, Noor Jahan, Tuntun stopped getting songs.

A friend came to Mumbai from Pakistan after hearing the song
Tuntun’s songs had a huge fan following. One day his friend Akhtar Abbas Qazi, sitting in Pakistan, heard his song on the radio. This made him very happy and he came from Pakistan to Mumbai to visit Tuntun. After some time they got married. Both had 4 children.

Naushad advised him to act
Tuntun was very bubbly. Her comic timing was excellent and she was so fat that people laughed at her. One day when Naushad went to meet her, she was in trouble as the offers for songs were not coming. Then Naushad noticed another talent in him and at the same time Naushad advised him to act.

Had a crush on Dilip Kumar and got his first film with him
Tuntun was very fond of Dilip Kumar and coincidentally got a chance to work with him in his first film. It so happened that Dilip Kumar was a very good friend of Naushad. That is why Naushad had suggested the name of Tuntun to Dileep for the film. At that time, the shooting of Dileep’s film ‘Babul’ was underway. The film featured Dilip Kumar and Nargis in lead roles and Tuntun got a side role.

Tuntun’s real name was Uma Devi. So let us know how Uma Devi became Tuntun.

This is the story of the 1950s. The movie ‘Babul’ was released. This was Tuntun’s first film. Tuntun got an opportunity to work with Dilip Kumar in this film. In a scene in the film, Tuntun wants to hit Dilip Kumar and fall on the bed. During the shooting of this scene, Dilip Kumar calls the tune, “Pick someone up when you fall down.”

Uma Devi liked this name that came out of Dilip Kumar’s mouth so much that after that she became tuntun. Perhaps no one thought at that time that he would play such a big innings with this name.

She became the first female comedian in the film industry by doing one film at a time
Tuntun went on to do many hit films and continued to climb the ladder of success. All the directors started approaching him only for comedy roles. She made such a mark with her performance that she became India’s first female comedian. There was a time when roles were specially written for them in films. Tuntun worked with all the big artists of the time.

She distanced herself from the industry after the death of her husband
After reaching the peak of fame, Tuntun’s number of films began to decrease. There was a time when she used to do 10 to 12 films in a year, now she started doing only one film in a year. After a few years, she completely distanced herself from the film industry. The reason behind it was the death of her husband Kazi. Her husband died in 1992. After that he spent all his time with his family.

Despite a successful career, the award did not come
Despite such a successful career, Tuntun was not honored with a national award. The love of the audience was the honor for him. However, it is a pity that he was not given any honor for the roles that made the audience laugh.

He passed away at the age of 80 after a long illness
Tuntun was ill for a long time. Her husband died in 1992. In such a situation, on 23 November 2003, at the age of 80, Tuntun also bid farewell to the world. His 4 children and grandchildren were with him during his last days.

The painful story was told two days before his death
Seeing Tuntun smiling, everyone felt that Saranka was in his life. But two days before his death, he came to Mumbai and revealed the secret of his life. He was interviewed by film critic and historian Shishir Krishna Sharma. At that time, he disclosed the murder of his parents and brother. Tuntun died two days after this interview.

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