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2 killed in road accident, driver absconded with truck 2 killed in road accident, driver absconded with truck

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On Wednesday, an unknown vehicle hit a tractor crossing the highway at Bamhrauli crossing National Highway in Kotwali Month area. In which two people riding the tractor died. Police reached the information and sent the dead bodies to Jhansi for postmortem.

On the Bamhrauli crossing National Highway of Month Kotwali area, two people riding a tractor were crossing the highway and coming towards Month town when an unknown vehicle hit the tractor. A front wheel of the tractor broke due to a forceful collision and the tractor crushed it and Virendra Rajput’s son Dinanath and Dashrath Thakur’s son Veer Singh, residents of village Talaud of police station Shahjahanpur area, died on the spot. Whose information was given by the eyewitnesses to the local police.

The bodies were sent for postmortem

Month police and Chirgaon police station in-charge Lalitesh Tripathi reached the spot and took the dead bodies in their possession and sent them to Jhansi for post-mortem after filling the Panchayatnama. There is an atmosphere of mourning among the relatives of the deceased due to the said incident. Rakesh, the family of the deceased, told that his uncle Virendra Rajput had gone to run a rotavator at a relative’s place in Pahargaon village of Jalaun district along with Dashrath Thakur, a resident of the same village. When he was returning from Pahar village this morning, he spoke to him for the last time and shortly after this incident happened.

Tractor fell into ditch after collision

Bamhrauli Pradhan Arvind Yadav told that 2 people riding on Mahindra tractor were crossing the highway for Month town. Then his tractor was hit by a 22 wheeler truck. Due to which one front wheel of the tractor broke and the tractor started rotating round and round, under which the driver of the tractor and another person sitting together fell under the tractor and were crushed to death by the tractor. The tractor fell into the ditch, which the police brought to the Montha police station.

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