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Saddam Hussain… the dictator who is in discussion after 16 years of his death because of his beard – rahul gandhi looks

Saddam Hussain… the dictator who is in discussion after 16 years of his death because of his beard – rahul gandhi looks
Saddam Hussain… the dictator who is in discussion after 16 years of his death because of his beard – rahul gandhi looks

As Congress’s ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ is progressing, Rahul Gandhi’s beard is also increasing. Politics has also started on this growing beard of Rahul Gandhi. In the center of this politics is the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussain. In fact, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has described Rahul’s new look as Saddam Hussain. Congress has also given a sharp reply on this, but in the midst of these political allegations and counter-allegations, it is important to know who Saddam Hussain was after all.

The world calls Saddam Hussein, who was the President of Iraq for two decades, as ‘dictator’. Such a dictator who created a lot of massacre. America had hanged Saddam Hussain 16 years ago.

Saddam Hussein was born in April 1937 in the village of Tikrit, north of Baghdad. When he was 20 years old, he joined the Ba’ath Party. Britain ruled Iraq from 1920 to 1932. And even after that the monarchy that was here had the support of Britain. There was a lot of anger in Iraq about western civilization. Eventually, this anger erupted and in 1962, Brigadier Abdul Karim Qasim overthrew the monarchy and seized power.

A few months later, there was a failed attempt to kill Brigadier Kasim. Saddam Hussain was also involved in this. He had to flee to Egypt. Finally in 1963 the Ba’ath Party gained power. However, Qasim’s aide removed the Ba’ath Party from power and put Saddam Hussein in jail.

Saddam Hussein had strengthened his hold on the power of Iraq. (File photo-Getty Images)

Saddam Hussein escaped from prison in 1966. Two years later, in 1968, there was a rebellion again and this time Saddam Hussein seized power along with General Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr. Gradually, Saddam Hussain’s hold on the government got stronger and he took many such decisions which increased the tension of the western countries.

In 1978, a new law came into force in Iraq and it meant that if you joined opposition parties, you would be killed. In 1979, al-Bakr resigned and Saddam Hussein became president. It is said that Saddam Hussein forced Al Bakr to resign.

Saddam Hussein hated the Kurds. (File photo-Getty Images)

Iraq-Iran war and killing of 148 people

Iraq was becoming influential in Arab countries. It was the time of 1980 and Islamic revolution had started in neighboring Iran. To weaken this revolution, Iraq landed army in western Iran and started Iraq-Iran war.

Meanwhile, in July 1982, there was a suicide attack on Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussain survived in this, but after that he created a massacre. Saddam Hussein got 148 people killed in the Shia-dominated Dujail village.

Iraq fought a war with Iran for 8 years. Lakhs of people lost their lives in this war. In 1988, there was a ceasefire between the two countries.

the gulf war started again

For eight years, the war destroyed the economy of Iran and Iraq. In July 1990, Saddam Hussein alleged that Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates were producing oil in excess of their quota, driving down international prices and causing losses to Iraq. Saddam Hussein threatened that if production is not reduced then there will be no alternative.

On 2 August 1990, the Iraqi army started to occupy Kuwait. Iraqi army captured Kuwait in just 6 hours. America asked Iraq to vacate Kuwait immediately. But Saddam Hussein declared Kuwait as the 19th province of Iraq.

First the victory over Iran and then Kuwait boosted the morale of Saddam Hussain. The very next day i.e. on 3 August, Iraq deployed its army on the border of Saudi Arabia. A coalition of 28 countries was formed under the leadership of America to remove the Iraqi army from Kuwait.

The war against Iraq started in January 1991 for the liberation of Kuwait. The Iraqi army was heavily bombed. The war was fought on the ground as well. Eventually the Iraqi army was defeated and Kuwait was liberated.

Saddam Hussein’s army captured Kuwait within a few hours. (File photo-AFP)

operation iraqi freedom

Many types of restrictions were imposed on Iraq after occupying Kuwait. Due to this, his economy started collapsing. In the year 2000, George Bush’s government was formed in America. He further increased the pressure on Saddam Hussein.

America and the international community started calling Iraq a big ‘threat’. After this, America started talking about the change of power in Iraq. In 2002, the United Nations team also visited Iraq. During this, Iraq also destroyed many dangerous missiles, but Bush’s tension did not subside.

In 2003, on March 19, America attacked Iraq. The American army started moving rapidly towards Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Saddam Hussein’s government was toppled on 9 April 2003. But Saddam Hussain was not caught even then.

Saddam Hussein was captured by American troops on 13 December 2003. He was hiding in a house in Tikrit. After this many cases were filed against him. Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death on 5 November 2006 in the case of the Dujail massacre (killing 148 people). Saddam Hussein was hanged in Baghdad on 30 December 2006.

Saddam Hussain used to threaten openly. (File photo- Getty Images)

On the way… when the Kurdish people were massacred

The story of Saddam Hussein is incomplete without mentioning the Helbaja massacre. This massacre took place during the Iran-Iraq war. Helbaja was an Iraqi city whose border was adjacent to Iran. Kurdish people lived here. Saddam Hussain hated him.

From March 1988 itself, the Iraqi army started wreaking havoc in Helbaja. During this time there was a chemical attack on the city of Helbaja. People should not be saved in this attack, so two days ago, the Iraqi army bombarded so many that the windows and doors of people’s houses were broken. There is nothing left with them under the guise of which they can save their lives.

This chemical attack was so dangerous that this city became a city of corpses. And those who survived became factories of diseases.

There were two reasons for choosing Hellbaza for the chemical attack. Firstly, the Kurds used to live here, secondly, when the Iranian army entered Iraq, the Kurds of Helbaja welcomed them. By chemical attack, Saddam Hussain had to be told what is the result of rebellion.

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