Decision to run ‘Godsakhar’ within eight days

Decision to run ‘Godsakhar’ within eight days



Published on : 24 November 2022, 2:14 am




Decision to run ‘Godsakhar’ within eight days
Dr. Prakash Shahapurkar: Confirmation of construction of ethanol project within the year
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Gadhinglaj, 24: One-handed power was called for the growth of the factory in the election campaign. The members responded positively to it. The factory will be reviewed in the next eight days. After that, a decision will be taken whether to continue the factory in this season or not, said the new president of Gadhinglaj Sugar Factory (Sweet Sugar). Prakash Shahapurkar explained. He also assured to set up an ethanol project within a year.
Appasaheb Nalavde Gadhinglaj Taluka Sahakari Sugar Factory organized a felicitation program after the election of President and Vice President. On this occasion Dr. Shahapurkar was speaking. The event was held at the factory workplace.
Dr. Shahapurkar said, ‘Today’s condition of the factory is not due to ignorance but it is deliberate. Even if the factory is sold, debts of 47 crores remain. The factory will not be profitable unless the ethanol project starts. Therefore, a loan case for ethanol will be given to the district bank within fifteen days. The next season will be started only by inaugurating the ethanol project at the hands of MLA Hasan Mushrif. After expanding the factory in two years, five and a half to six lakh tonnes of pulverized milk has been set, and in five years, the factory has been set to become debt free.’
Vice President Prakash Chavan said, ‘In the election, there were only two streams that started and closed the factory. The members have shown faith in the facilitators. Elected by the highest number of votes in the factory’s history. Let’s bring the new and the old together and do good work for five years.’
Prof. P. D. Patil welcomed. Senior members Ishwar Shintre and Dundappa Jadhav by Dr. Shahapurkar, Mr. Chavan along with new directors were felicitated. Director Adv. Digvijay Kurade proposed vote of thanks.
If the show stops…
Dr. Shahapurkar said, ‘There will be no injustice to any worker as a matter of politics. They will be paid a decent salary every month. This salary will be paid by taking the loan. So there will be no waste in work. Otherwise legal action will be taken. Also, agitation is going on to provide retired workers. Their amount will also be paid. But, this is possible if the pageant there stops. Retired workers should consider this proposal.’

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