Know what are the causes, symptoms and treatment of situational depression

Know what are the causes, symptoms and treatment of situational depression
Know what are the causes, symptoms and treatment of situational depression


Situational depression occurs after a stressful event for about 90 days.
Suicidal thoughts can be a symptom of situational depression.
Losing a loved one forever can lead to situational depression.

Situational Depression: Situational depression can be somewhat different from other types of depression, but its symptoms are also full of stress or tension. Situational depression is not considered a clinical disorder, as it is a variant of adjustment disorder. A situation like situational depression occurs in a person’s life when there is an unpleasant event like a serious accident, a prolonged illness or a negative change in life. In such a situation, the person starts feeling sad and upset all the time. But the best thing is that by identifying the symptoms of situational depression in time, it can be got rid of quickly. Let us know about the symptoms, causes and prevention of situational depression.

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Causes of situational depression:
very well mind According to Dot Com, situational depression is different from Major Depressive Disorder, because it is based on some problems and can be cured soon. Generally, a person becomes a victim of situational depression when a major change or an unpleasant incident happens in his life. For example, loss of a loved one forever, divorce ie divorce, loss of income source, chronic illness, unemployment or financial problems, victim of an accident, problems at home, family, school or work, etc. Can.

Symptoms of Situational Depression:
Situational depression can last for up to 90 days after a stressful event. Although this depression is for a short time, and mostly it can be cured in 6 months.
Symptoms of situational depression can be like this – being in a bad mood all the time and being sad, crying over small things, having no good hope, not being able to concentrate in anything, lack of motivation in life Feeling lonely, not talking to people and being alone all the time, thoughts of suicide etc. can come in the mind.

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Ways to get out of situational depression:
In general, situational depression can be cured on its own. But if you are finding it difficult to get out of depression or stress due to a traumatic event that happened to you, then these remedies can be useful for you.
Follow good food and healthy diet
Follow your routine honestly
-Exercise and meditate
-Participate in activities you love
-Share the good times with your family and friends

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