Fear of accident, vehicles standing on the market road in the city, common people upset due to traffic jam

Anil Jaiswal

Dala Sonbhadra – On the main roads of the city, trucks and small and big vehicles stand on the side of the road. Due to this, the drivers passing through here have to face problems on one side. On the other hand, vehicles coming from the front are not visible, due to which there is a possibility of an accident. In this regard, the responsible officials have been informed many times by the local people. Even after this, there is no visible improvement in the situation here.
It is noteworthy that along with the opening of transport of trucks, buses and other vehicles on the Varanasi-Shaktinagar state road, many dhabas are open in the city. Due to which queue of vehicles can be seen daily. Outside the shops and at the dhabas, the drivers of their vehicles stand as per their wish. Due to which other drivers passing through the road have difficulty in taking out their vehicles. Others, including Mahesh Soni, the city president of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Kisan Morcha, say. Due to the negligence of the police officers, the traffic system in the city is getting worse day by day. As a result of which the passers-by remain in fear of a major accident every day.
Action is taken till instructions are given
Local residents told that whenever action was taken by the police regarding the traffic system on the complaint of the people, till then the action of the police officers was limited to giving instructions only.
Emergency vehicles do not get space
Where there is traffic jam due to vehicles standing on these routes, it becomes difficult for ambulances and fire engines to pass during jams. The situation is that due to the parking of vehicles, the width of the roads remains less. About which the administration is not serious.
There is no collective vehicle parking in the city, there is no barricading of heavy vehicles being parked on the road.
There is no restriction on heavy vehicles in the markets of Dala Nagar, the drivers go here and there without any hindrance. Vehicles start coming and going in the markets from early morning, which continues till late evening. Due to this, the situation of jam often persists. Apart from this, due to lack of vehicle parking in the market, people coming to the market for shopping park their vehicles on the roads. This is also one of the main reasons for the jam on the market roads. There is a situation of jam in the service lane in the city, which is not noticed by anyone, due to the jam on the service road, people are forced to walk on the main road. City President of Bharatiya Janata Party Kisan Morcha Mahesh Soni has strongly condemned and demanded from the administration. That barricading should be arranged in the city, service lanes should be vacated, big vehicles should not be parked in the market so that accidents can be prevented.

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