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Delhi AIIMS News: FIR registered in AIIMS ‘cyber attack’ case, OPD patients being treated manually

Delhi AIIMS News: FIR registered in AIIMS ‘cyber attack’ case, OPD patients being treated manually
Delhi AIIMS News: FIR registered in AIIMS ‘cyber attack’ case, OPD patients being treated manually

New Delhi, Jagran Correspondent. NIC (NIC) team has not been able to fix it even after 36 hours of ransomware attack on AIIMS server. Due to this, the server of AIIMS is still stalled. In view of this, the AIIMS administration has made arrangements for treatment in OPD, Ward and Emergency in a manual manner.

The IFSO unit of Delhi Police has registered a case against unknown persons in connection with the Delhi AIIMS server hack. In this regard, the DCP of IFSO said that an FIR has been registered by the police under Section 385 IPC, Section 66/66F IT Act on the server hack case.

OPD card made by entering information in the register

AIIMS administration has issued Standard Operating Procedure (HOD) in this regard. On the basis of this, OPD cards were made on Thursday by entering the personal information of the patients in the register. In this way both new and old patients were seen in OPD. Samples of patients were also registered manually for examination.

OPD services remained largely as usual but follow-up treatment of old patients was affected due to difficulty in getting test reports of patients. Patients who already have Unique Health Identification (UHID) number of AIIMS were registered by entering that number manually on the OPD card. For patients who did not already have a UHID number, their mobile number on the OPD card was used for registration.

Priority given to serious patients in investigation

Smart Lab is not functioning properly due to non-generation of online bar code. Because the machines of Smart Lab are linked to the computer system. Due to this, patients are not being able to be examined in the smart lab according to their capacity. A senior doctor of AIIMS told that arrangements have been made for testing by operating the smart lab manually.

At present, the AIIMS administration has given instructions to take samples on the basis of priority of urgent and serious patients. Yellow, pink and blue forms of these three colors were used for the test.

Trouble getting reports

Patients’ test reports are being prepared on the lab’s system but are not available online. Because of this, the old patients who reached OPD had to face difficulties in the treatment. The patients who arrived from outside after getting examined were easily able to see the doctor.

Arrangements have been made to make available the test reports of the patients who are being examined in AIIMS from the counter near the lab. Patients are being treated manually in emergency and ward also.

Delay in getting test report

The smart lab of the new OPD block of AIIMS and the automated dry chemistry lab of the emergency are operational 24 hours. Normally, test reports are available from both these labs in three hours. But now there is a delay in getting the report. It is worth mentioning that due to ransomware attack on the server of AIIMS, the server of the institute is down since 6:45 am on Wednesday. NIC (NIC) team is busy in fixing it.

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