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Two years after the murder, police exhumed the skeleton of a football player

Khunti: Two years after the murder, the police have removed the skeleton of the football player from the grave. The case pertains to Uday Narayanpur village of Adki police station area. On Thursday, the police recovered the body (skeleton) of football player Nicolas Soye from the grave after two years. Due to being a Naxalite affected area, elaborate security arrangements were made in Uday Narayanpur village during this period. In view of security, along with the district police, CRPF personnel were also deployed.

The laborers digging the grave and the police personnel present on the spot

PLFI militants had shot

According to the information, a hockey tournament was organized two years ago (July 2020) in Echahatu village of Adki area. In which the team of Udayanarayanpur village of Adki police station area also went to play. Nicholas Soye (23) of Udaynarayanpur village also went to play in this team. In the evening during the game, PLFI militants attacked the ground, and also opened fire, in which Nicholas died due to bullet injuries. A case was registered in Adki police station regarding this matter. During the investigation, it was found that Nicholas had died in the firing by the militants, and the relatives buried the body.

Nicholas’s skeleton placed in a coffin

The skeleton will be sent for forensic examination

On Thursday, in the presence of BDO and Karaikela police station, Adki police station recovered the skeleton. Now the recovered skeleton will be sent for forensic examination. It is said that when the murder took place two years ago, the militants had threatened the family members. After the threat, the family did not go to the police out of fear and secretly buried the body. Meanwhile, the relatives had secretly given the application to the police station, but no action was taken on the application. Meanwhile, cognizance was taken of the application during the case review in the police station. After that the matter came to the notice of the senior police officer. After this the magistrate was deployed, and the body was taken out of the grave.

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